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Sports journalist Jason Whitlock was ripped for saying Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is “pretending” to be as famous as WNBA star Caitlin Clark. dragged Whitlock for “fetishizing” Clark and insulting Black WNBA players, such as Angel Reese and Brittney Griner.

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“Whitlock was shedding wannabe-white tears on Clark’s behalf because, in his sunken mind, the WNBA draftee … has been the victim of ‘racists’ who just can’t stand to see ‘normal’ looking white women get their shine…” also took offense to Whitlock insulting Simone.

“Well, on Friday, Whitlock continued his campaign of transparent misogynoir and white woman fetishizing by setting his sights on Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and implying that the most decorated gymnast in history, with 37 World and Olympic medals, isn’t as well-known as his new Caucasian crush Clark, who hasn’t been in media headlines for nearly as long as Biles.”

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In a video posted on April 19, Whitlock wrote: “Simone Biles is pretending like she’s Caitlin Clark and that people actually know who she is. She’s built up this importance of herself and does things to make herself feel important.”

“She’s a gymnast and every four years they are relevant for a two or three-week stretch,” he said in the video. “But Simone Biles could walk by the overwhelming majority of people in an airport and they wouldn’t think twice – ‘oh there goes a little black girl’. They just wouldn’t think twice.”

Simone’s fans expressed their outrage on Black Twitter.

One user wrote:

“Simone Biles is the G.O.A.T. Other people strive for her level of achievement. Caitlin Clark is a Queen, rising. Any idiot trying to denigrate either one isn’t going to get the mention from me they are willing to humiliate themselves for on the internet…”

Another user tweeted:

“Please direct all the smoke at Jason Whitlock for coming after Simone Biles. He’s clearly competing with Steppin A for the hearts and minds of Klangelicals.”

A third person wrote:

“Why are y’all still wasting energy trying to correct Jason Whitlock? He already KNOWS who and what Simone Biles is. But he gets paid to pander to bigots, okay? He gets paid to rile you up. He gets paid to be offensive and wrong.

Why are you helping him?”