Singer Chris Brown is making headlines again — not for his music, but for his latest body art that depicts a battered woman on his neck.

The tattoo, which Brown, 23, premiered at an event in Las Vegas earlier this month, shows a woman — who looks strikingly similar to ex-girlfriend Rihanna — with half of her face beaten beyond recognition.

Though Brown denies the tattoo is Rihanna, it’s hard to imagine why a man whose career has suffered as the result of a domestic abuse incident would tattoo an image of a battered woman on his neck.

Update: Loyal reader Sassy writes:

Hi Sandra,

(I’m STILL mad at you for banning me, dammit!) Nonetheless, I’m fresh off of a trip to Mexico and I learned a lot. One thing being that the tat on Chris’ neck is not of a battered woman or of any semblance to Rihanna. It appears to be a woman wearing the Dia de los Muertos mask on one side of her face.

Indeed, this tat would fall in line with a lot of the dark imagery and tats that Chris’ seems to take an affinity to in Latino & Asian cultures, so I’m almost 100% sure, that’s what his tat is.

See the following links for more information and some pics of what the mask looks like generally:


Tell the SR fam I said “hello!”


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