Dwayne Wade’s long-suffering ex-wife gave an exclusive interview to “Real Talk With Kietta,” detailing her rags to riches life with the NBA superstar.

In the 8-part video interview, Siovaughn Funches and her mom explained how Wade escaped an abusive home environment to move in with them when he was 16 — to how she went from living in the lap of luxury to moving back in with her mom at age 38.

“One night it had gotten really bad and him and his sister, his younger sister, had came to my home probably at like, 3 o’ clock in the morning and I opened the door and that’s when I had to tell my mom that I knew what was happening in his home and what was going on. I had to explain to her why he was coming to the door at that hour at 16-years-old. I had spoken with my mom and I had asked her is there any way he could stay with us and not have to live in that kind of environment.”

Her mom added:

“The night he came to me, he had two black garbage bags and he knocked on the door late at night. He asked me, did I mean what I said when I said that I would never let a kid be out in the street with no place to go. ‘You would never let a kid go hungry and you would always help them if they needed something for school’, and I said yeah, I meant what I said. And he said, ‘Mama, I’m home.’ So I was like, okay.”

Funches also described incidents of domestic violence committed by Wade while she was pregnant with their son Zion:

“He was cursing, he was calling me names, he was telling me to shut the ‘f’ up.[…]He picked me up and held me over his head literally in midair and threw me down in our bathroom. We had an ottoman in the bathroom and he slammed me down so hard that when my back hit the otooman it broke into four pieces and my back and head hit the concrete, the marble floor, excuse me, in the bathroom. After that I got up and immediately went — there’s a cordless phone in the bathroom, I immediately went to that phone and I was crying, I was hysterical, I went to go call the police. At that point more hell broke lose because I suppose he was in fear of being exposed because I certainly was going to call the police. I picked up the cordless phone, he snatched it out of my hand and he threw the cordless phone against my body so hard that the phone literally broke into pieces.”

Even after all of the courtroom drama and the things Wade and his mom said about her in the press — Funches still opened her legs for Wade while he was dating Gabrielle Union:

“Separated and divorced are two different things. I’m not certain when it happened or when she happened but I know that I was very married. I know that me and Dwyane at that time had talked about reconciliation going back and forth. I was still even intimate sometimes with my then husband. So, does that constitute sleeping or having an affair with somebody’s husband? Yes. To me, divorce and separation are always two different things.”


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