A man who lived his life as a woman was arrested and charged with depraved-heart murder after an illegal butt shots procedure he performed resulted in the death of an Atlanta woman.

Morris Garner, 53, performed the illegal operation on Karima Gordon, 37, in March at his home in Jackson, Mississippi, the Associated Press reports.

Garner was arrested and charged with depraved-heart murder on April 6, according to jail records. A depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder, is a legal term for a crime that demonstrates a “callous disregard for human life” and results in death. The charge carries a life sentence.

Garner is not licensed to perform butt shots procedures, or any other medical procedure, said Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood during a news conference Tuesday.

Hood referred to Garner as a man, and he is being held in the Hinds county jail as a man, according to the AP.

On Tuesday, a Hinds County judge denied bond for Morris Garner, who also goes by the name Tracey Lynn Garner. “Based on the seriousness of the charge, the court does find that you are a danger to yourself, and more importantly, a danger to the community,” said Judge Melvin Priester.

Karima Gordon drove to Garner’s home in Mississippi with a friend to have the procedure performed. She became ill a few hours later and her friend called Garner asking what to do. Garner told them to buy some cough medicine. Gordon died at a hospital a few days later, according to the AP.

Police say a woman named “Pebbles” acted as a go between for Garner and women who sought his illegal services.

According to the Associated Press, Gordon met Pebbles in New York and paid her $200 for the referral to Garner. Police are actively searching for “Pebbles.”

The Associated Press located a Twitter page maintained by Karima Gordon with only 1 tweet sent out to a Twitter user named “Pebbelz.”

It isn’t clear if Twitter user @PebbelzDaModel (pictured above) is the “Pebbles” that police are searching for.

Photos on Pebbelz Da Model’s Twitter page shows a woman with grossly deformed buttocks and hips, consistent with butt shots or butt implants.

Women who seek out butt shots procedures suffer from Body image disturbance, a disorder that is associated with mental illnesses including anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia, and depression.

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