In a scathing op-ed post titled “Wake up, Kate; photogs are always watching,” published on, syndicated columnist Roland Martin tells England’s Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to keep her clothes on in public.

Last week a French magazine published topless photos of Middleton and her husband, Prince William, on vacation in France. The scandal irked the Queen of England who is still fuming after pics leaked of Prince Harry’s naked romp with commoners in his private hotel suite in Las Vegas last month.

In a victory for the Royal family, a French court ordered Closer magazine to hand over all of the topless photos of the Duchess. The court will also fine the magazine $15,000 each time a photo is republished or distributed.

“Kate, unless you know for sure that no one else’s prying eyes — or camera — will see you, don’t sunbathe naked,” wrote Roland Martin in his CNN piece.

In an odd comparison, Martin held Kate Middleton to the lofty standards of NBA legend Michael Jordan, whom Martin says would “dress in a side room and not in the main locker room with the other players” so as not to give the gossips any juicy fodder for the rumor mill.

“Maybe Jordan should put in a call to Kate Middleton… and give her a lesson or two on what you need to do in this media-obsessed world,” writes Martin.

One question springs to mind: Why (or what) was Jordan hiding from the other players?

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