NFL legend Deion Sanders likes 'em young. Bossip spoke to Deion's latest conquest, Aleea Stanton, who happens to be the daughter of Angela Stanton, the woman who made all those wild accusations about Phaedra Parks.

Aleea Stanton, who was 18 when she met Sanders, tells Bossip she met the former football star through in 2011.

“I got a DM on Twitter from a guy saying, ‘Hey I’ve got a friend that wants to meet you.' I said, ‘Ok, cool who is it? He says ‘Deion Sanders,' and I said ‘Who???’”

Aleea said she had to Google Prime Time to see who he was.

According to Aleea, Deion ran game to her telling her he only wanted to be a “mentor”, and he wanted to introduce her to "important people" that could help her.

“He told me that he could put me in meetings, and have me in the room with people that make things happen. For the record, me and him never did anything. The most I ever did with that man is hug."

It would seem that Pilar's name might have popped up when she Googled him, but Aleea claims she didn't know Sanders was married.

“I never knew he was married, and he definitely never mentioned anything about a wife or a family. Deion's estranged wife, Pilar Sanders, blames his relationship with Aleea as the reason for their break up.

Aleea described the older man's growing interest in her:

"He asked me to send him some pictures. He said “If people are going to do any business with you then they are going to want to see that you are presentable etc.”. So I sent him a few regular pics, and after he saw them he asked for some that were a little bit sexier.” I never sent him any nekkid pics, but a variety of pics that showed all my sides.”

Eventually, Sanders flew Aleea out to meet him in person.

"...he flew me out to meet him a couple times, but we always had separate rooms, but it felt like he had done this before. Like he and his assistant had a system... For how they approach girls. I guess maybe he wanted to ease me in, but it just felt like that . Deion is a very smary, very nice guy, I just think when a marriage isn’t going right a man is going to look for something outside. But for the record, I don’t consider myself a homewrecker, again, we never had sex or any of that. Whatever problems him and Pilar were having was going on WAY before I met him."

Aleea also revealed she and her mother don't communicate much and that she is in college pursuing a law degree. Smart girl.

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      Oh please slore know she and Deion was :hump: . I guess as the trial gets closer Deion gonna pull every trick in the book to try to get out of giving Pilar more than her pre-nup.

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      Based on her saying she didn't know he was married that puts her whole story in doubt. And Pilar didn't blame her for the breakup. She blames Deion's current woman Tracy Edmonds. Pilar made that claim long before Tracy and Deion made their relationship public.

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      Aleea Stanton, who was 18 when she met Sanders, tells Bossip she met the former football star through in 2011.

      Aleea also revealed she and her mother don’t communicate much and that she is in college pursuing a law degree. Smart girl.

      Seeing as though it is currently October of 2012, the above sentences do not go together, or are presented in a misleading way. She is in college, presumably a sophomore, but she IS NOT pursuing a law degree. You must attend a separate school called LAW SCHOOL, AFTER college for that. Pre-law focus isn't the same as a law degree.


      Oh and whoever said how do girls attending college do this....this is like the side hustle for most college girls. Especially if their school is in a city with professional sports teams....

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      This is old news :yawn: Deion was (and has always been) disrespectful and arrogant on that reality show of his so um.... all of his friends who kissed his whole butt hole and gave him daps on having his kids fill out police statements and revelled in Pilar's outburst (while crazy wasn't SO crazy considering the level of disrespect this Negro was dishing out) I say have a seat (Frank & Wanda). Funding a peewee football team (while great) doesn't negate any of the above. No one will ever mention it on their entertainment report though....

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      the only reason she's telling this "story" is cuz dude dont even respond to her anymore. :yawn:


      So I guess Pilar isn't as crazy as folks tried to make her out to be, the 1st line of defense is to discredit the source

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      So I guess Pilar isn’t as crazy as folks tried to make her out to be, the 1st line of defense is to discredit the source


      :cosign: and say it a million times! But I've noticed women are the first to jump to a man's defense and slander the woman even when they don't know the situation....smh at the "terrible things women do to each other" (c) Oprah's Lifeclass :coffee:

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      She said that she had to "GOOGLE" him to find out who he was yet she DID NOT know that he was married! Come on! Seriously!!!!!! She knew and didn't care. Let's all "GOOGLE" him and see what we come up with.