Welp, Deion Sanders got his wish. After months of dealing with an unwanted guest in his palatial Dallas estate, a judge has ordered his estranged wife Pilar Sanders to stay away from the mansion.

Pilar, who was arrested Monday night on domestic abuse charges after Mr. Sanders accused her of assaulting him, was released from a Dallas jail Tuesday morning.

According to a CBS local affiliate, Collin County magistrate Paul Raleeh granted Mr. Sanders an emergency protective order against her.

The order means Pilar can’t go anywhere near the estate — and if she so much as breathes on Deion in public she will be locked up until her trial.

Now Mr. Sanders can move Hollywood trampoline Tracey Edmonds into his home. Babyface’s ex-wife and Mr. Sanders have been dating for months. Pilar cited Edmonds as the reason for the breakup of their marriage.

Like her messed up attitude had nothing to do with the break up.

From CBS News:

The order prohibits Mrs. Sanders from going to the couple’s Prosper house for the next 60 days. She’s also not allowed to threaten or harass any member of her family.

The judge says she can send someone to her house to collect personal belongings, but only between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. today.

Mrs. Sanders left the Collin County Jail Tuesday morning, accompanied by friends, family, and her lawyer. She said, “I’m a full time mom, I’m there for my child and just haven’t been given a fair shake. I will never give up fighting for my children.”

Pilar seems to be an extremely vindictive woman who didn’t get the millions she thinks she deserves. And now she won’t even get her children.