Mitt Romney came away the clear winner in tonight’s first presidential debate. President Obama was on the ropes all evening as he struggled to stay on the defensive. It was embarrassing for the Obama camp.

Maybe Michelle Obama should taken her husband’s place at the podium?

The Republican presidential candidate scored points on facts and style. Obama seemed bored and unprepared as Romney schooled him on energy and tax reform.

“We’ve got 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work in this country … economic growth this year slower than last year, and last year slower than the year before,” said Romney, who was precise, concise and presidential.

Romney took full control of the debate from the opening bell, often cutting off Obama who seemed at a loss for words.

The former Governor drew chuckles from the audience and from the debate moderator, Jim Lehrer, when he said he would cut millions in funding to PBS.

“I’m sorry Jim. I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS,” said Romney. “I’m gonna stop other things. I like PBS, I like Big Bird, I actually like you, too.”

Romney also sent Obama reeling when he questioned the president’s green energy spending.

“You put $90 billion dollars into green jobs. Look, I’m all in favor of green energy — $90 billion? That would have hired 2 million teachers,” said Romney.


According to the White House, Obama spent over $29 BILLION on energy efficiency and $21 BILLION for renewable energy, among the wasteful spending in Obama’s stimulus package that added to the national deficit.

Obama wilted under the pressure. There was a point when Obama looked to Lehrer, the moderator, to change the subject when the heat got to be too much for him. It was a defining moment during the debate — and during Obama’s presidency — when the American public finally realized that the Emperor was wearing nothing at all.

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