Black high stakes poker professional Phil Ivey hit the jackpot at a recent London poker tournament — but the casino that hosted the tournament refuses to pay Ivey his money.

Ivey, 36, who is far from broke, recently put his Las Vegas mansion on the market for $1.9 million after divorcing his wife. His neighbors were the late Michael Jackson and his disgraced doctor Conrad Murray.

From the LA Times:

Crockfords has refused to pay the World Series of Poker ace the $11.7 million he won at Punto Banco, a baccarat variation requiring no skill and in which the player need not even touch the cards. Ivey was reportedly in the company of a woman whose membership at another London casino had been suspended, but Crockfords has not detailed any charges of cheating nor has an investigation disclosed wrongdoing. “Casinos love high rollers,” said Bluff Magazine editor Lance Bradley. “But not high rollers that win.”

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