Tyga and Blac Chyna

Celebrity couples spotted arriving at the Staples Center for last night’s LA Clippers vs Miami Heat game included singer Christina Millian and her producer/boyfriend Jas Prince; and rapper Tyga with his baby mama, former stripper Blac Chyna. Ever since Blac Chyna got herself knocked up and moved out to LA to live with her sperm donor, there have been rumors that Tyga can’t keep it in his pants. The rumors are so salacious and scandalous that this blogger was warned not to repeat them under threat of violence.
Photos: RHS/WENN.com

Jas Prince and Christina Milian

As you know, C-Mili (pictured above with Jas Prince) only dates producers, and Tyga only sleeps with sex workers. The Clippers defeated Miami by a score of 107-100. It was clearly an off night for our Miami Heat.
Photos: RHS/WENN.com

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