Rihanna on jet

Rihanna’s disastrous #777 Tour is over and the 24-year-old singer is once again alone with her thoughts and her hard liquor. The Bajan singer tweeted this photo of herself on her “big ole jet” earlier today. In another tweet she wrote: #777 Tour is a wrap! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this. It was an incredible experience for my fans and I!

It’s interesting to note that Rihanna, at least subconsciously, admits that it wasn’t an incredible experience for the journos and bloggers.

My Def Jam spy tells me that Rihanna is “upset” at the negative coverage given to her tour by the “ungrateful” journalists and bloggers who tagged along at considerable expense to Def Jam.

“They won’t be invited along next time,” said the source in an email to Sandrarose.com. The spy said Rihanna and her handlers are considering inviting only her appreciative fans if they ever decide to organize a similar promotion.

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