Rihanna smoking marijuana

Rihanna Air survivors are still voicing their displeasure at the third world conditions they were subjected to on board the so-called 777 plane. About 250 journalists, bloggers and fans were invited to join singer Rihanna on her 7-day, 7-country, 7-concert world tour to promote her new album.

But conditions on board the air bus quickly descended into chaos and anarchy when Rihanna’s guests discovered that the only time they would ever see the singer was onstage nightly.

Also of immediate concern to the media was their general discomfort on board the plane. While Rihanna and her friends relaxed in the lap of luxury in 1st class — her media guests were herded together like cattle back in coach.

While Rihanna sipped champagne and dined on veal and chardonnay sauce, her media guests subsisted on Saltines, cold cut sandwiches and whatever the plane’s overworked crew could scrape together for them.

One Rihanna Air survivor reached out to Sandrarose.com exclusively after the air bus touched down in New York City for the last leg of the tour.

The survivor, who begged for anonymity, said he and the other exhausted journalists (who dubbed themselves the “777 plane survivors”) blew off Rihanna’s final concert at Webster Hall. “I went home and took the only shower I’ve had in a week!” he said via email.

The 777 plane survivor said he saw Rihanna on the 1st day of the festive flight, when RiRi shared plastic flutes of champagne with her media guests and fans. But when it became obvious that Rihanna would not make another appearance on the plane, word quickly filtered through the cabin that Rihanna was hiding because she was high and/or drunk.

Despite signing confidentiality agreements at the start of the trip, the 777 plane survivors are telling friends that Rihanna hid out between nightly concerts because she didn’t want the journalists and bloggers to report the smell of hard liquor or weed on her breath.

It is a well-known fact that the troubled singer who is loved by millions self-medicates with drugs of her choice to numb the pain of not having a love of her own.

The Bajan beauty is forced to share her man (singer Chris Brown) with another woman, his longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

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