George Zimmerman

The attorneys for murder suspect George Zimmerman attempted to inflame the public by releasing an obviously Photoshopped picture of their client yesterday.

It’s no coincidence that this shamefully Photoshopped image is released just days after Zimmerman begged the public for more donations to support his lavish lifestyle.

The national media won’t tell you that the image is Photoshopped — even though a photo taken by police the SAME NIGHT shows no swelling, redness or deformity of Zimmerman’s nose.

The good quality police evidence photo taken AFTER the new photo shows superficial scratches on Zimmerman’s face. The police photos do not prove Zimmerman’s claims that he was in a life and death struggle with the unarmed teenager when he shot and killed him in March.

On Wednesday, the AP reported that Zimmerman had created a new defense fund to solicit money from the gullible public. In return for donations, contributors would receive cards with Zimmerman’s signature — an indication that Zimmerman is selling his signature for money.

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