According to new dispatch recordings just released, an ambulance was canceled for Sanford, FL neighborhood watch vigilante George Zimmerman the night he shot and killed unarmed Trayvon Martin.

The recordings, first obtained by the New York Daily News and then shared with Orlando news station Local 6, has shed more light on why Zimmerman’s injury reports have not been released — because there are no injuries.

According to the recordings of radio transmissions made by paramedics already at the crime scene, a second ambulance was called for Zimmerman, but it was canceled because paramedics said he had no gunshot wound.

If Zimmerman really had a head injury the paramedics would have noted those injuries during the call.

There is no mention on the audio of Zimmerman suffering from any wounds that required treatment — such as head wounds.

The recordings also indicates that Trayvon may have been clinging to life when paramedics arrived on the scene.

Paramedics requested an air ambulance for Trayvon, but were told that an air ambulance was not available due to the inclement weather (it was raining). So Trayvon was transported to the hospital in the ambulance at the scene.

Paramedics at the scene would not have called for an air ambulance if Trayvon was already dead. That means they detected some cardiac activity on the EKG monitor.

Despite all of Zimmerman’s lies being contradicted by the facts in the case, Zimmerman is still not in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, the special prosecutor who was assigned to the case after the Sanford prosecutor recused himself, told Local 6 she preferred that the evidence (of the calls) would not be made public at this time. She has been dragging her feet on this case since she was appointed.