Starter Wives

Last night, TLC hosted a meet & greet and press screening of their upcoming docu-series about famous ex-wives titled “Starter Wives Confidential” at the INC Lounge in Times Square, NY.

I’m assuming “docu-series” is another term for reality show? The networks are backpedaling quickly away from the reality show label due to its ghetto connotations.

Starter Wives

“Starter Wives Confidential” cast members include Josie Harris (ex-fiance of Floyd Mayweather), Liza Morales (ex-girlfriend of Lamar Odom), Tashera Simmons (ex-wife of DMX), Monica Joseph-Taylor (ex-wife of Funkmaster Flex), Zakia Baum (ex-girlfriend of Maino), and Cheryl Caruso (ex-wife of Phil Caruso).

Here are some quotes from the Q&A moderated by model/actress Liris Crosse.

Tashera Simmons

Tashera Simmons: “I was 100% mother and wife. When I love, I love hard. [DMX] was great at what he did – which was cheating – but I’m happy as hell now. I’ve found someone very special in my life.”

Liza Morales: “[Lamar] is the only man I’ve ever been with. I know the worth of my cookies.”

Zakia Baum

Zakia Baum: “I’ve never done [Maino] dirty. So it’s time for me to tell my story.”

“Starter Wives Confidential” premieres Tuesday, January 29 at 9/8c on TLC.

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