Still basking in the success of her hit reality TV series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ producer Mona Scott-Young reportedly began shooting her newest scripted series titled ‘Gossip Girls,’ on location in New York. The new series reportedly stars radio jocks Angie Martinez, Miss Info, Angela Yee, and blogger Necole Bitchie.

This blogger was in consideration as a cast member as well, but I politely declined. (Read the email they sent me after the break.)

The cast is an enigma. These women don’t gossip; they just say whatever their celebrity friends want them to say. Miss Info is a sweetheart and a cutie pie, but who the hail cares about Angie Martinez or Necole Bitchie?

Angie Martinez is still trying to live down the fact that she was married to a gay man. Maybe Mona will touch on that subject in the show?

And what was Mona Scott thinking by casting Necole? She has zero personality or self-esteem. Her entire blog is run by minimum wage bloggers while she’s busy opening her legs to married industry men (or so I’ve heard). She flopped at a career in radio, and they’re still laughing at her in DC for trying to be a butt model with no butt.

I suppose we can look forward to Necole premiering a new laceefront from her vast wig collection every week. I don’t condone violence on reality TV, but I wouldn’t mind watching ‘Gossip Girls’ to see Necole get her wig snatched.

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011
From: Gregg Lieberman
To: Sandra Rose
Subject: Interview for potential new reality series
Hi Sandra,

I’m with NFGTV, the production company in NYC that makes Love & Hip-Hop for VH1. We are currently casting for a potential new series about bloggers and were referred to you. It just so happens that two of our Executive Producers, Toby Barraud and Mona Scott-Young, are in Atlanta today and would like to see if we could set up a time for them to interview you tomorrow as a potential cast member. I know it’s all last-minute, but…that’s TV! Let me know if you’re available asap. They’re staying at the Melia on Peachtree and would film the interview there.



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