There are only 22 days to go before America elects a new president, and the current president, Barack Obama, is feeling the pressure.

The NY Times reports that Obama has been in seclusion in a conference room at the Democratic headquarters in DC for the past few days “cramming” for the 2nd presidential debate next week.

It’s do or die time for the president: Mr. Obama needs a strong performance against challenger Mitt Romney or he will lose his job.

You can bet that Obama regrets telling a television host that he was not the president of black America.

Once again his arrogance failed him. Mr. Obama was feeling his oats that day. He was riding high on a wave of poll ratings that had him way ahead of Mitt Romney. But things have changed — a lot — after the public thrashing that Romney gave the president. The momentum has swung in Romney’s direction. And now the president is sweating bullets.

Obama suddenly realizes that he is the president of black America after all. Especially since it was largely the black vote that helped put him in office. Statistics shows voter registrations are way down since 2008. And blacks have the lowest voter registration turnout of all.

Today, President Obama released a new ad featuring black faces from every walk of life. Obama’s bestie, rapper Jay Z, uncharacteristically wearing a suit and tie, reminisces on the days back in 2008 when the black community reveled in Hope & Change. Those days are long gone, however.

Don’t think Barack isn’t paying attention to the new statistics. The Obama administration has enlisted Jay Z to remind blacks of your power to vote. But after telling us that he is not our president, Obama’s latest ad is a classic case of too little, too late.

“When the president got in office initially, what he represented to a nation of kids were hope,” said Jay Z, who rose to national prominence as a rapper from his days slinging crack in the trap in Brooklyn.

“For so long, there was this voice that was silenced out there as far as exercising your right to vote. I think it was a voice that was silent because people had lost hope. They didn’t believe that their voice mattered or counted.”

“Now people are exercising their right, and you are starting to see the power of our vote. He made it mean something for the first time for a lot of people.”

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