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Louis Vuitton Giveaway

Earlier this year, I promised I would give away a Louis Vuitton handbag to a lucky reader. I also took note of the complaints from you men who say you never win anything on Therefore, I've decided to give away a Louis Vuitton handbag for the ladies and a Louis Vuitton Damier wool scarf and cap set for the men! This is my way of saying thank you for making 2012 an amazing year for!

The winners of the Louis Vuitton giveaways are Smurfette1920 and RubenT! Thank you to everyone for being loyal readers of my blog, and thank you all for what you do to positively impact the lives of others!

Read the winner's entries after the break!

Here is Smurfette1920's entry:

Smurfette1920 says:

Hi Auntie. I think I should win because this year I decided instead of splurging strictly on my kids, I would assist the less fortunate. Throughout the year we always packed up their gently used clothes and toys and gave them to shelters. We didn’t sell them or leave them in some of the boxes on the street because we wanted to make sure they were given to those in need. We also gave some of the clothes to their schools for their clothing bank. For Christmas, I chose a couple of children and ‘adopted’ them for the Holiday. I only had a name and basic information. We never met the children but my 12 yr old son and 5 yr old baby girl helped me shop for these kids to make sure they had a good Christmas. Hopefully, this lets the children know that in spite of their circumstance, there are still people who cares. The biggest thing is instilling values and morals into my children and showing them how to be a Blessing to others.

And here is RubenT's entry:

You know, I treat every person as I’d like to be treated back. You know, that good ole’ word Karma; I believe in it. Whether it’s buying someone’s coffee behind me in line, or giving a few dollars to “that” person standing along the intersection, I try my best. I don’t have a lot of money but I live life with the perception that if I do what I can, someone will do the same for me. Happy 2013 to ALL!

The giveaway winners were chosen randomly at

  • Betamax82

    Wait a minute now Sandra I am next door to Georgia I promise I can come pick up that bag :D

  • San

    Ummm I dont live in GA :cussing:

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  • Trendsetter


  • Betamax82

    I should win because I am friggin awesome and I can come and pick up my prize that is all :wink: oh and I give to the needy

  •!/Daliah1976 Invictus

    I've always been blessed in my life and I've always wanted to pass on my blessings in any way I can. I am from Jamaica and and my church is located in a poor community. Throughout the year I collect gently used children and adult clothing and toys and send to the church for them to distribute to the ones in need. It's not much but it warms my heart and it teaches my kids to give back always. Thanks.


  • OutsidetheBox

    Wow. I guess Imma bid my adieus too. Whats the point.. :eyeroll:

  • Sandra Rose

    No problem Betamx82. :D

  • Bad Influence

    SANDRA :spank:

    u dnt ever look out 4 ur "out of state commenters" #shady

  • Betamax82

    Also I kept it short and sweet no novel over here :nono:

  • Bad Influence

    @Jackson, chu mean yo??

  • luVn_liFe…

    This is my way of saying thank you for making 2012 an amazing year for! <-- but what about the NON Ga.residents that make it awesomw :shrug:

  • Keesh

    I was gone but since Auntie told Betamax she cool. I know Im cool cause Im like an hour away. I have no problem driving up the street to the A.

  • FuturedocDonte

    The contest is open to Georgia residents
    :crying: ill let u put the shipping and handling on my Rush Card. :yes:

  • luVn_liFe…

    Thats Not Fair
    I feel you otb

  • mzwhang90210

    The contest is open to Georgia residents who are able to pick up their prize from the Louis Vuitton store in person (picture ID is required). Prizes will not be mailed.

    *flings my body on the gifts & REFUSES to move*

    :wail: whyyyyyyyyyy........whyyyyyyyyyy!!

  • OutsidetheBox

    Just in my feelings @hissy. :( I gotta deal with all the fallout from commenting here but I cant even be included in the "thanks" from this blog. #salty :lol:

  • javierabrown

    I've spent the year working on public policy that benefits the poor and working class so that they may have a chance to be successful.

  • GAGIRL87

    I should win b/c I'm the personal taxi cab for family and friends who don't have transportation( I don't charge gas money) and I'm currently taking care of two households b/c my mom is out of work at this very momemt. I do all of this from the kindness of my heart expecting nothing back in return.

    #I work hard bish!!

  • Bad Influence

    @Jackson :fistbump: i FEEL u..Sandy be doing us dirty :cuss:

  • OutsidetheBox

    I didnt want the Neverfull anyway . *kicks desk* Diva did tho. :lol:

  • missmiami

    That's wassup auntie.u stay looking out for your roses. Too bad i am not in georgia :( good luck to ya'll ATLiens

  • Oldskool71

    Damn! Cant have nothing! :cry:

  • Oprahs Bunion

    What if the out of staters pay for shipping SR?

  • Oldskool71

    @Bad hey there girlie; you got your route all mapped out?

  • Bad Influence

    b4 i 4get, HAPPY NEW YEARS ER'BODY!! :woohoo:

    may u all be safe tonight and bring in the new year properly and drunk :lol:

    :hug: s & :kiss: es

  • Sam

    why they tryin to make me work :wails: stay outta my office :mad:

  • OutsidetheBox

    My YT gurus dont be all you gotta live in my state to win. :eyeroll: FashionBomb dont be all you gotta live in my city. :eyeroll:

  • iyonah

    Wow, this is really nice. Good luck yall. I know I am one of the many northern readers that come to this blog.

  • Bad Influence

    im not a louis bag type o' girl anyways so i wasnt tripping... they are not my thing :no:

    @OldSkool, yeah, im pretty ready *sigh*

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    I'm in Cali. Congrats in advance to whoever wins!

    (I would pay for taxes and shipping! -just saying!)

  • Betamax82

    Happy New Year @ Bad :partyhat: :listen:

  • mzwhang90210

    *lip quiver*
    Well...good luck to errrybody errybody :wail:


  • Ididntreallymeanit

    Nice bag

  • Unapologetic


  • Sam




  • Gigi26

    Umm Sandra that's not fair!

    I ain't pressed for the LV anyways but damn yo you excluding others who don't live in GA?! Smh whatevs..

  • OutsidetheBox


  • marquez269

    is it really that many ppl who live in GA registered wit this blog they are the only ones always eligible
    #yeaimmad :lol:

  • OutsidetheBox

    I tots see Whang crying. :hahaha:

  • iyonah

    Same to you Sam.

  • ALBoy


  • DoNotDeleteMe

    I had the privilege of providing volunteer tutoring services to two ESOL students. The students were struggling with reading comprehension skills (they were Hispanic students). The students's parents were unable to assist them with homework assignments or with reading exercises at home because they did not speak English at all. I worked with them for 10 weeks (2 times per week outside of work hours) and per their Principal, Regular Ed teacher, ELL Special Ed teacher, and After-school program coordinator, all recognized the confidence that the two students gained as I worked with them and how the students' reading comprehension improved! They were two of the most adorable Hispanic twin girls and I will never forget my time spent with them! :cheer:


    Hey Sandra

    I don't have a long speech to give. I donate every year to the Atlanta Women Shelter. I also work and volunteer at the Arthritis Foundation. I work every year with our team to raise money for Juvenile Arthritis.Please choose me as a winner for the Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull set. Thanks Sandra!

  • Keesh

    There are a lot of things that I can go on and on about when it comes to impacting the lives of others in 2012 but neva mind :mad: I aint did shiat for others that would be worth winning a $1,000.00 bag. I give back but I know so many people that give back and they actually do it 24/7. If I did tell people what I did in 2012, it would not amount to the things I know others have done. Heres to me hoping that someone who truly deserves this win!! Good Luck!!!

  • missdecaturga

    Happy New Years to All..This year has had it's ups and downs for me. I had just lost my job when a friend called me and said that she was basically giving up on her troubled/bipolar teen daughter and was thinking of sending her to the state because she was so stressed. With careful consideration (and prayer) I asked if her daughter could come spend some time with me to try to sort things out. Needless to say, it was not easy, but I was able to help her daughter deal with some issues beyond what her mother knew about. My friend and her daughter have reunited and are working through their problems. I felt so honored to be able to help them both.

  • smurfette1920

    Hi Auntie. I think I should win because this year I decided instead of splurging strictly on my kids, I would assist the less fortunate. Throughout the year we always packed up their gently used clothes and toys and gave them to shelters. We didn't sell them or leave them in some of the boxes on the street because we wanted to make sure they were given to those in need. We also gave some of the clothes to their schools for their clothing bank. For Christmas, I chose a couple of children and 'adopted' them for the Holiday. I only had a name and basic information. We never met the children but my 12 yr old son and 5 yr old baby girl helped me shop for these kids to make sure they had a good Christmas. Hopefully, this lets the children know that in spite of their circumstance, there are still people who cares. The biggest thing is instilling values and morals into my children and showing them how to be a Blessing to others.

  • Sam

    Keesh :rofl:

  • Sam

    goodnite yall :rofl:

  • Ty

    I'm a little busy right now but I will be back with my right up Auntie...hold tight :thumbsup:

    :wave: All

  • San

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  • Oldskool71

    @OTB & Bad I got my package of whip on Sat afternoon and cracked it open right away! I got the sample pack and I'd promised to give one to my mom but now I'm pissed that I told her about it cause now I don't wanna share :| Okay so i have the candy cane on my feet, lavender on my hair, sweet cinnamon on my scalp and i gave a jar of the kingsmen to my son to keep for his ashy paws. And listening to yall i even...TASTED IT! :kona: peer pressure is a mofo :haha:

  • Diva

    The contest is open to Georgia residents who are able to pick up their prize from the Louis Vuitton store in person (picture ID is required). Prizes will not be mailed.
    No fuggin fare!!!!!

  • KayCeiSoul

    Here they come. :coffee:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    When I see people going through things I try to be a listening ear.

  • mzwhang90210

    @Divurrr...I stabbed u for nuffin.
    I sowwy boo...hold me

  • Ty

    Bad Influence says:

    im not a louis bag type o’ girl anyways so i wasnt tripping… they are not my thing
    Mine either Hissy but I will take a free one :rofl:

  • Diva

    OutsidetheBox says:

    I didnt want the Neverfull anyway . *kicks desk* Diva did tho.

    Hell yeah I wanted the neverfull in the damier too! :smack: Why Sandra why only GA folk?

  • Diva

    mzwhang90210 says:

    @Divurrr…I stabbed u for nuffin.
    I sowwy boo…hold me

    Now I got bandages and shyt for nothing *throws smokebomb* a bish mad :cuss:

  • marquez269

    This is where we see all the old registered members :tea:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    There are a lot of nice things I have done for others this year, but :shrugs: That's what you suppose to do right :tea:

  • KayCeiSoul

    Bad Influence says:

    im not a louis bag type o’ girl anyways so i wasnt tripping… they are not my thing


    Mine ee'dah. :no:
    But I bet the line to register looks like the Walmart lay-away line on the last pay-day before Christmas. :coffee:

  • Ty

    damn it :cuss: *write*

    :happy: Diva

  • Diva

    My throak closing up....I'm getting BRONCHITIS..................

  • MissHarlem

    ALBOOYYYYYYYYY :hug: bc I just know you gonna be gone for another 456565+ years

  • Keesh

    Oldskool71 says:

    @OTB & Bad I got my package of whip on Sat afternoon and cracked it open right away! I got the sample pack and I’d promised to give one to my mom but now I’m pissed that I told her about it cause now I don’t wanna share Okay so i have the candy cane on my feet, lavender on my hair, sweet cinnamon on my scalp and i gave a jar of the kingsmen to my son to keep for his ashy paws. And listening to yall i even…TASTED IT! peer pressure is a mofo


    Giggles :kona:

  • OutsidetheBox

    peer pressure is a mofo

    :wail: :rofl:

  • spiceykay

    I believe you should start saying within a certain radius of Atlanta because its a short drive for me but I live in Tennessee. I want to win because I always look out for my fellow citizens even people I don't like or know.

  • Diva

    *sign language* hey TY

  • Tamiko30

    I would love to be the winner of this prize. I am a hard work and single mom. I am a very giving person, I went thur my lil girl closet and gave away all her clothes to a young lady that stay on the property I manage, so she can have some clean clothes for her child for school, she was having problems and I felt that my little girl clothes would really help her out. Till this day her daughter draws me pics and stop by to say hello all the time. It felt good to be able to help someone in need.


    Hey Alboy :kiss: <------Happy New year smooch

  • kingstonn

    is that AL?! :wail:

  • Diva

    :wave: Marquez can you get me that bag and brang it wif you when you move to Texas? :waiting:

  • tt_ga_x5

    This year and all years to come I am striving to be the best example for my children. I have 3 in school from Pre-K to High School. I work full-time during the day and provide support for them in the evenings when my husband goes to work. I also volunteer with disabled adults since that's my husband's profession. I donate regularly to organziations that support survivors of domestic violence and another for the homeless.

  • neqka

    @Sandrarose Finally got to register..been reading ur site for the pass year and love it..please consider opening contest to out of state residents too...p.s. we will pay for site..keep up the good work and happy new year

  • moorevisual

    Hey Sandra - I donated my time and money this holiday season and played Santa for the local community center I also mentor at risk youth and coach basketball

  • Diva

    So Sandra only like her ATL posters! :cuss: *blows up the pump it up warehouse*

  • Keesh

    As a matter of fact, Im going to see some azz shake tomorrow night in the A... I got my dollas ready :listen: "Ya I luv dem strippers"

  • marquez269

    @diva sure!!! ill drive 700 miles to pick the bag up and then drive another 12 hours back that way! anything for you! :kiss:

  • Keesh

    Diva says:

    So Sandra only like her ATL posters! *blows up the pump it up warehouse*


    You aint shiat :rolleyes:

  • Oldskool71

    @Diva Hey girl sip on this for your throak and that bronchitis... :koolaid2: I put a lil somefin special in it for you :grill:

  • Beautiful30

    Hi Sandra
    I will keep it simple & short, I would really would like to win this purse for my mother who has been dealing with & caring for my dad whom has recently been diagnosed blind. She’s a phenomenal woman who has encouraged me even dealing with everything that she has on her plate. I could go on but like I stated I will keep it simple. she has sacrificed so much for her kids, family & friends. she always stresses the importance of God ,values & family and to never give up in life regardless of your circumstances. even if I don’t win for her I feel blessed to have a mom like her & write these kind words about .... Happy New Year Sandra ?

  • Keesh

    spiceykay says:

    I believe you should start saying within a certain radius of Atlanta because its a short drive for me but I live in Tennessee. I want to win because I always look out for my fellow citizens even people I don’t like or know.


    What part of Tennekey you in??

  • iyonah

    I know you really not down with Mona Sandra... but if for any reason you need some blog repersentation at some LHHNY events... think of me and my stanship for Joe Budden :love:

  • wilkinsims

    Greeting everyday with a smile and living life like its golden! Just like you, Happy New Year!

  • KayCeiSoul

    Diva says:

    So Sandra only like her ATL posters! *blows up the pump it up warehouse*

    *Puts on mask because the fumes will smog every city in the U.S.*

  • cougar lover

    Can I win the purse for my pay to play frenn. she impresses easily, and with that authentic bag, I can get free play for 6 months. thanks in advance!

  • Oldskool71

    @Keesh You really going to the strip club?

  • jeniefrumdabloc


  • crystalrenej

    This year I beleive I made a positvie impact on the people around by having a kind heart. Each day as I walk out of my office building in midtown, I get harassed by homeless people. I have even been chased and cussed out, scared out of my mind. As the seasons start to change & the temperature drop, I decided to collect warm clothing items from my coworkers and distripute them throughout midtown.

    I also became a mentor through a mentoring program to young black females who are at risk of dropping out of High School & who do not have the type of support system I was blessed with. Their talents and knowledge are far beyond great & I hope one day to be attending their graduations.

    And I beleive the greateset impact I made this year was in my own personal life. I got my father to change his unhealthy lifestyle around. He has been faithfully going to the gym for 6 months and slowly, but surely put down the bottle. I am grateful!

    In order to be blessed & appreciate what you will/do have, you have to serve others first.

    -Crystal J.

  • OutsidetheBox

    Can I win the purse for my pay to play frenn. she impresses easily, and with that authentic bag, I can get free play for 6 months. thanks in advance!

    :rofl: :rofl:

  • KayCeiSoul

    @ Cougar - Kona. Now. :kona:

  • windycity

    2012 was a year of humility. After graduating from college in Atlanta I moved back to my hometown and it was truly a different world. Violence was at an all time high and the dropout rate was steadily increasing. It brought pain to my eyes to see the parent of a person who I was once good friends with mourning the death of there 22 year old child. I had to take action, first I set up stop the violence rallies in my community. In addition to that I stepped up as a block club president and funded a back to school celebration for the youth. It may not be much and I did it with out the intention to reap anything of it but often times those who go off to school and "make a better life" for themselves forget where they come from and the positive impact they can have in their community.

  • Diva

    marquez269 says:

    @diva sure!!! ill drive 700 miles to pick the bag up and then drive another 12 hours back that way! anything for you!

    This is why you are my e-boyfriend!!!! Yup I done claimed you as mine!!!! :kiss:

  • lvwill

    Hello Sandra Rose, In January 2012, I started a Non-profit organization, Extended Hands for Christ Corporation. My organizations primary focus is feeding the homeless of Atlanta, Georgia. In 2012, we fed over 4,000 people. If you would like more information about my organization please view my website @ I also have a link to my facebook page on the website as well. Have a blessed New Year everyone.

  • Diva

    Oldskool71 says:

    @Diva Hey girl sip on this for your throak and that bronchitis… I put a lil somefin special in it for you
    :wvae: Hey Oldschool, I needed that drank! Sandra and this bullshyt here! I can't........

  • ALBoy

    what up y'all wait these people think that one of the recurring posters will win silly rose folk :no:

  • Happy

    I'm glad you opened registration for this giveaway!! Been lurking for a couple months now! Anyhoo, I volunteer at a low income housing after school program. I have done it for a few years now. I love the kids there and I can def get to the LV store in Atl! Im there 3 to 5 times a month.

  • RubenT

    Thanks Auntie for offering a great prize package. Unfortunately I live in Texas so I am ineligible. But on the positive note, there is a LV Store in Houston at the Galleria that is a short SHORT drive from me.

  • ALBoy

    miss h Kingston wut how y'all been

  • Oldskool71

    @Diva I know! Hell, I'll rock that hat and scarf too! :yes:

  • Dr.GiGi

    Happy New Year To All!

    This year was spent just as the last 12 years have...helping children learn to read and write. I am currently a special area teacher (not special education) in the A...well actually about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. I work with kindergarten and first grade students that need remediation in the areas of math and language arts.

    Of course most teachers are NOT in this profession for the money. I for one just LOVE what I do! You really don't know how awesome it is to have a child come to you at the beginning of the year that DOES NOT know the difference between a letter and a number and see him/her reading by the end of the year! So despite the continued furloughs, no raises in years (so you know this makes a louis vuitton bag waaay out of my reach lol), and healthcare that has gone through the roof yet another year...we push on.

    Even though I often wonder how any child can come to me as a blank slate in this day and age, I have made a conscious effort to remain in the school system for that very reason. It is no secret that "our" children are often labeled when they come to our schools even slightly behind. I changed positions last year an an attempt to change how homeroom teachers are able to recommend students for special services.

    I am glad to say that now teachers in my school must allow new students a waiting period before they can recommend services. Gone are the days that teachers can get a new student on Monday and on Tuesday you are convinced he/she is "low". I have also been able to successfully implement a "no holding cell" approach to providing additional services for students. Nothing bothered me more than seeing a child placed in a supplemental program in kindergarten and he/she was still there in the fifth grade. Not on my watch!

    In addition, I have made it a goal to reach out to parents that simply don't have a clue how education has evolved and how to get and keep their baby on track and off these county lists. I have learned that no matter how trifling, angry, or foolish parents may appear on the exterior, they often acts this way because they feel their most prized possession...their baby has been wronged in some way. As parent I soooo get this! Communication is key! Any of my fellow SandraRosers with children know that first grade today is NOT the first grade you and I had. But how many teachers have truly explained this to you.

    As you can see I am very passionate about education. I could go on and on but I digress. As you all bring in the New Year I as that you pay it forward !

    With Warmest Regards,
    Dr. GiGi

  • Dr.GiGi


  • GoodGirlBADCredit

    I should win because I took in an at risk youth into my home and tried to get him on the right path it took a lot from me because i'm in school myself but i knew i had to help and now since he graduated HS he is serving in the US NAVY :D I'm soo proud of him and i would like something nice for myself also.

  • TrishHTx


    Good luck to the ATL residents! I'm just glad registration opened :D

  • sexydime11212

    Thank you for opening registration. I've been reading sandra rose from 2009 and I never got the opportunity to be apart of the team. Thank you sandra rose :party: although i don't qualify for the contest because i'm in NY, I still feel like i won HAHAHA

  • DoNotDeleteMe

    Wait one nano-second! I guess in my excitement, I did not realize that it was only for Georgians. What about former Georgians? :cry:

    Sandra, my love, my dear heart, I can easily head over to Easton Towne Center in Columbus, Ohio and pick up my bag once I win. C'mon. Help a nukka out? Pleeeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeee??????????


  • Focus1234

    Hey Sandra,
    I read your blog daily and I’m a true supporter. I did a whole lot in 2012 to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I’m the person that people call for advice, money, a ride, a babysitter, food and just that person that will listen. I gave to the homeless several times this year, clothes to the Goodwill/ Salvation Army; I have done several resumes for friends and even gave people job leads to help them find employment.

    At my job- I sponsored a homeless shelter and a group home for the Holiday Season so that the kids could have something for Christmas. I wrote a character letter to the judge to help my friend get out of prison that was wrongly locked up and the list goes on. I feel that GOD has truly blessed me this year and I wanted to make it a point to bless others in my own way. Not that this matters but I try “daily” to send some type of a positive messages on my Facebook / Twitter page to help encourage people that might be going through something.

    Please consider me as the winner,

  • DoNotDeleteMe I gave Tiny a WONDERFUL, ONCE IN A LIFETIME compliment in the new post! :pray:

  • spiceykay

    I live in Chattanooga.

  • missmiami

    @ dr gigi i wish they had a program like that in dade county public schools.

  • missmiami

    @ Keesh I thought you lived in Miami.

  • anlanier

    I feel that I have given back in that I tutor children in my area that are in IEP programs, sometimes you have to show them options or read the questions out loud. My son is in college now and it feels good to help out. I really enjoy your blog. THanks

  • keyslaw

    For 2012 I’ve made a positive impact on the lives of others by being a happy and positive person under some stressful and difficult times through out 2012. My ability to be friendly towards everyone allowed for me to find the positive in many challenging situations. My outlook on life is evolving which I believe will allow for me to continue to be the best me for 2013 and beyond. Happy New Year! :)

  • mayrenest

    In 2012, I turned 30 & graduated from college! Being a first generation college graduate & the only one of my 9 siblings to accomplish this milestone, it has been an amazing year. So, it was only right for me to return my gratitude by choosing the profession to be an educator. I teach and mentor part time at Tri-Cities HS & at Atlanta Metro College. As well as establishing an Atlanta chapter of G.E.M.S., Girls Empowerment through Math and Sciences! I only hope in 2013 I can inspire some young lady or gentlemen to keep their dreams alive & keep achieving their goals! Even if I don't win, just know this is my testimony & I've already been blessed with being able to help others.
    Happy New Year Auntie Sandra!!
    Love you much, Shayana T. aka Mayrenest

  • Akima90

    Hi, Sandra in 2012, I tried to help as much people as I could and also myself. I started with enrolling myself into college and also informing other young people I encountered to do also. I also told myself I was going to help people that really needed help. I ride Marta bus and train a lot. I being downtown I meet a lot of people that needed help and also some that was just trying to take advantage of others. So everyday I'm downtown I try to at least help one person better their life. I'm capable of finding a jobs anywhere, but some people aren't. I write a list every week of jobs that are hiring and when I'm downtown I pass it out to those I know are really looking. The day after Christmas, I was by Emory hospital and seen an older woman with no gloves or scarf. I was cold myself, but I knew I was going straight home so I ask her if she wanted it and gave it to her. I know if that was my grandmother I would somebody to care enough to do that for her. Thank Sandra for your time...


    Well being that I am in ATL I am going to give this a shot.

    I feel I have impacted allot of lives this year because I am an avid support of the I Have A Dream Foundation, A Non-Profit Organization that gives back to students in low income families who have a chance to be the first in their families to attend college. Being an entrepreneur myself, I have hosted charitable events to raise money for this organization and I feel it has impacted allot of the students lives because now they have resources and funding that will allow for them to attend college when there was little or no hope for them. I have also inspired allot of my peers to become supporters as well as pushing them to pursue their dreams. I plan to continue to support this cause going into 2013 with hopes of starting my own Non-Profit Charitable Organization as well.

    With that said Happy New Year to You Sandra! Be Blessed!

  • Kinky4Agirl

    I would like to win the louis vuitton bag. I made a positive impact on lives in 2012 by making sure everyone got their food stamps on time. No one had to go hungry this holiday season. It takes a lot to work overtime instead of going home to be with friends and family. I went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a wonderful holiday meal.

  • sexywitwhatigot

    2012 has been phenomenal for me. To me, this is the year everything came together. I completed college and secured two jobs. What I did for others this year is gave more of me. My family didn't have a Christmas. We packed old and new clothes and gave to others. We prepared meals for people we know couldn't afford it. Hopefully, my children learned alot through this.

  • ZenChickAtl

    The main thing that I've done to make a positive impact on the lives of others in 2012 was to give blood as often as I was allowed to help save lives. I just gave blood on Friday as a matter of fact.

  • SimplyATL

    2011 was a trying year for me financially so I made sure that when I got my situation together I would bless others just like people blessed me when I was in need. In 2012 I finally got back on my feet and was promoted to a management position with my company. I found two young ladies who were serious about moving up with the company, taught them everything they needed for success in their next roles and even bought them business casual suits and pieces that would help on their journy. They have both now been promoted and couldn't be more grateful. The real reward though is the feeling that came over me knowing that I could help someone else achieve their financial and career goals.

  • RAE23

    The greatest contribution I think I make is to the lives of my sons, my boyfriend's son, and the lives of my son's girlfriend and grandson's mother. I continue to try to provide a good example of perseverance for them with attainment of my Bachelor's degree as encouragement that it is never too late in life for self-improvement. The girls' in their lives have suffered tremendous abuse in their lives and very appreciate of the love, concern, and guidance that I not only provide my sons, but them as well. I try to get them to understand that life can be very difficult to take at times, but the tragic events in life do not define a person. I encourage them to accept their issues and make conscious efforts to rise above it all. What doesn't kill us, certainly makes us stronger.

  • shiobhan22

    Let me first start off by saying I'm highly blessed and favored without anything materialistic, but every girl loves a LV bag. The best thing I think that I had a positive effect was my daughter wanting to get a
    Purity ring, and telling me that I inspired her to want it. At that moment as a mother I feel as though it validated that forever question in my mind of am a good mother.

  • missmiami

    ^^^ :applause: as a mother to two daughters I can truly appreciate this

  • MsEducation

    This year has been an awesome year for me in mentoring and impacting our black women. I have given of my time, energy, and money to making sure they have the opportunity to be awesome women. From taking them halfway across the country to various conferences, graduate school interviews, teaching them how to cook, and just being ear to listen. I am a firm believer in accountability and I wanted to make sure the young ladies charged with my care understood how their actions not only effected them but the community locally and globally. I also gave up my winter break to take a group of young adults to build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

  • NOLA

    This year has been busy and rewarding. My husband and I are the parents of 11 children. He has five from a previous marriage and we adopted five. THEN I gave birth to my first biological child. At all times we have anywhere from 7 to 9 children in the home. This year we have one all star cheerleader, 4 baseball players, 5 basketball players, and 1 chorus member. All of my children (with the exception of 2 who have special needs) are honor students.

    I work full time in a local school system (where my pay decreases every year.) Since I was a foster parent for over 10 years I always mentor the children in my school that are in the foster care system. I advocate for them with their teachers, counselors and social workers.

    Through my sorority I have participated in a number of community service projects this year such as providing food and clothing to Atlanta homeless community, and providing lunch quarterly to the patients and families of Hope Lodge (a facility on Emory University campus for cancer patients.)

  • liljhae


    I've a positive impact on others in 2012, by teaching my co workers the spirit of giving. After my co workers learned I feed the homeless and donate my time at different women shelters. They decided we should feed a group of 200 on Thanksgiving and donate fun socks at several nursing homes.

  • ncj413

    I would love to be chosen for this contest! I have always wanted a louis bag but have never been able to afford it! I'm in school now and working full time to care for my child so I have to spend and save money wisely. I haven't won any contests yet so I would be so grateful to win this especially since I can't afford to buy it myself!! Please choose me Sandra!!!! Either way this is still my face blog! Good luck everyone! Happy New Year!

  • ncj413

    Meant fave blog lol


    I work with children at an elementary school and I also tutor children at an after school program in my hometown. I really don't think about whether I am impacting a child's life because everyday I just go to work and do what I love to do. I just try to be consistent and honest with them and hope that if and when they need me then they know I am there. Sometimes being honest does not win me any popularity contests with the kids but at the end of the day they know I will never steer them wrong. So to answer your question how have I made a positive impact on the lives of others in 2012 is by being a person who does not go to work for the paycheck but actually showing up everyday to be there for a child in whatever way I can. If its helping solve a math problem, reading one on one with a child, eating lunch with then, and so many other small things that mean the world to them. I just think that these small moments are what put a smile on my face and I just pray that with so much going on in the world today that these kids have a chance at a successful life and if I am a small part of that then to me that is the impact that I am striving for. Thank you for allowing me a chance to enter your contest. Happy New Year!!

  • tashabgood

    This year I became more involved at my son school. I believe that parental involvement is important at the schools. I'm sure his teachr appreciated my support!

  • Avanti

    In an effort to teach a lesson to my daughter about sharing and helping others, she and I decided to help a parent that was unable to provide gifts to their child(ren) for the holidays. An old friend from school is a single parent of 5 kids so we chose her, but then another friend (with 2 kids) lost her job. We decided to help both. Then another former classmate asked if I could help her (3 kids). We were able to pull it off and help all 10 kids! My daughter found real joy in picking quality gifts that she thought they'd like, the kids were thrilled to receive gifts (their faces... too cute!), and the parents were very appreciative. It was a great feeling because I am a single parent and never thought I'd be able to do so much for others, financially, and cover my own responsibilities! Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks Sandra!

  • georgia queen

    I would like to win because I am the community coordinator for my daughter's girl scout troup. This year we did arts and crafts at a nursing home and put on a holiday performance. We also collected coats and blankets for the homeless in Atlanta. We planted trees with Hands on Atlanta and taught our girls the blessings of being of service to those in need.

  • deedeegirl

    I sponsored several educational projects through an organization called this organization helps fund projects for teachers who need assistance with funding for materials and supplies that schools cannot provide and that teachers who are already poorly paid cannot afford. The projects range from art projects to math fundamentals and anything in between. I try to fund projects for disadvantaged schools in my state. It sounds more impressive than it is. My contributions range from $10 to $40 which is not a lot of money but it is usually enough to help. I love that I can help even though my contributions are small. You can find a school on your community or any community if you want to help too and some companies will match your donation. More info at

  • nybrn2

    Good Morning,
    I know I make a difference everyday because I am a divorced mom of a 7 year old son. I am also an ER nurse at one of the busiest ER's in GA. I work every weekend so that I can be with my son during the week and help him with his school work. I also enjoy volunteering at his school and helping out in his classroom. This is my favorite blog!!!!

  • spiceykay

    I have contributed to many things of significance in 2012. I have helped clean up the downtown area by picking up trash and I have also volunteered at a local children home. I have helped my fellow co-workers to become more active by encouraging them to go to different fitness classes and join different programs to become more physically fit and healthy. I always believe that helping someone helps the community and that is why I give my time and effort to help anyone that I can.

  • Bella770

    I did nothing different in 2012 than the previous years and I will not change for 2013 or beyond. I just try to be the best possible person I can be to my fellow man, my friends, family and myself. Sometimes a simple smile can shift a day from a bad one to a great one. Or a simple positive comment to a stranger can make them feel good about themselves when maybe another person said something negative to them. I do this because its just who I am.......

  • msdainty

    Being kind to others even when they've been total jerks to you often changes their perspective. I am very pleased that I was able to change the lives of those who have been awful to me through the powers of kindness and forgiveness. I hope that in the future they will return the favor to someone else. Smiling is the best way to help.

  • Sandra Rose

    Due to complaints from some readers, the Contest has been opened to legal residents of the United States. Additionally, the Contest deadline has been extended to Wednesday at 5 PM EST. The winners will be contacted via email. Happy New Year! :hi:

  • Miany

    Good Morning Auntie! I'm glad you opened the contest to all. I'm not going to enter but, I like the fact that I have the option.

  • acnesbit04

    Happy New Year Auntie! I am so ecstatic that you added all residents from the 50 states! I have had the opportunity to spend time with sick folks at a hospice house. I lost my brother this year and I knew that it made a great impact on me being with him when he passed. So I decided to go and provide support to the families that are there and folks that do not really have people to be with them. It can be very trying at times because it still but it is my way of grieving and working through it and it allows me to provide comfort and support to them as well!

  • Kiwidlime

    This year I decided to invest in people. Everyone has gone through or is going through a lot. I decided to listen more and be supportive. I was able to be there for a family member process of passing on as well as be the support system for my family as my father passed as well. An understanding ear goes a long way. There are way more things that I did this year but this one I most proud of because I learned more in the process of giving of my time instead of things.

  • Rod

    One of the many good things, I did this year, was open my home to an ex co-worker that was terminate, do to no fault of her own.

  • iWhip

    thanks for broadening the scope of the contest Sandra! :thumbsup:

    i donate brand new clothes to a local black owned thrift store & also donate my time serving my community with my church. i no longer have the email i registered with so if i win pls email me at
    thanks for the chance & happy new year! :)

  • A.J.

    For the year of 2012, I have reached out to assist the homeless by volunteering my time and funds for food to feed the homeless in the city of Atlanta (I reside in Gwinnett) through 1st Saturday Feed the Homeless Events. The reason I do this in a county where I do not reside is because I spend a great deal of time in Atlanta for business and personal reasons and the homeless rate in the city of Atlanta is great. I also spend a portion of my free time volunteering with senior citizens (I have a soft spot for the exploitation of senior citizens) in Gwinnett through Volunteer Gwinnett. I primarily do something similar to “meals of wheels” dropping off food for seniors that are immobile. While it is not much, it’s more than what I'm used to doing and I actually enjoy it and will continue to do so.

    I meet all of the qualifications of the contest rules and regulations and look forward to picking up the Damier scarf and cap set. Good luck to all.

  • infashuation

    Hi! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Right now my husband and I are allowing my brother, his wife, and their 4 kids to stay with us while they are homeless. We have 3 kids of our own and the 11 of us are sharing a three bedroom two bathroom apt. While my brother is the only one in their family that is working, it has not crossed neither my husband's or my mind to ask them to help out on food, lights, water, or personal hygiene items. We also made sure the kids had a merry Christmas. We only look at it as one day it might be us...

  • A.J.

    Due to complaints from some readers, the Contest has been opened to legal residents of the United States. Additionally, the Contest deadline has been extended to Wednesday at 5 PM EST. The winners will be contacted via email. Happy New Year!
    Good looking out! I wonder how many of the complainer's will register. I'll be lurking all day to see. :D

  • Crissy

    This entire year I spent homeless. Never imagined I would end up like this but it happened & I survived. Nonetheless I was able to still produce a successful homeless toiletry + clothing drive this holiday season to give to those who are living even less fortunate than me. To give in spite of my own shortcomings was a definite positive effect on the community as well as myself that I really needed and made me feel like the richest girl on earth. I can't wait till next year.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my story. Have a very blessed New Year Sandra & all the readers.

  • LSLH

    My impact was the volunteering that I did in my community. I'm an avid volunteer at my daughters school. I organized family and friends and we were able to donate items for nursing home residents during Christmas. My next project is to start fund raising for electric fans to be given out this summer to elderly residents and if the donations are handsome enough, I would love to be able to purchase air conditioning units for needy elderly residents in my community. Also, during thanksgiving, my mom and I gave away cooked dinners for some homeless folks around town. Thanks for the contest Sandra..!

  • PiTwebmaster

    In 2012 as Director of Technology of Princess in Training Inc I pushed the envelope for my executive director. I was able to get the chief of police of Austin as well as many leaders within the Austin,TX area to come out and speak to young girls about human trafficking within the state of Texas for our Dangers of Social Media event held June 9th, 2012. I went on to start a conference called "Coming out Beautiful" which featured our guest speaker Lizzie Velasquez who is the author of two fabulous books Lizzie Beautiful and Be Beautiful, Be You. Ms. Velasquez turned her her hurt from being bullied into a mission to help build the self-esteem of young girls.

    Our goal was to stop bullying and low-self esteem amongst girls of color. So 2012 was about leadership and creating ground breaking programs to help reach the lives of over 100 girls of color. Our hopes for 2013 is to go nationwide and have conferences within low income neighborhoods.

    Thanks for keeping us informed on the latest know! your readers are nationwide :)

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Auntie I think the contest should be for normal posters not lurkers :rolleyes: Best of luck to normal posters !!! :hi: not the lurkers :nono:

  • mayajay

    I guess I treated people with kindness even if they weren't kind to me. Sometimes you have to show people unwavering love and loyalty even though they may not be able to recognize the benefits of it in the moment.

  • KyCakes

    Good moanin' Jenie :hug:

    Damn lurkers going WILD over some LV...

    ION get it :shrug:

  • Miany

    Good Morning :waves:

  • anw_rootbeer

    Good morning SR Fam...haven't signed in a while, but I would love this LV bag.
    I would say the biggest thing i did in 2012 to give back was to leave my high paying salary job that I was miserable in & take a job as a Hospice Social Worker. It may sound as if that was a personal/selfish reason, but the contrary. I have since met several families that Im able to out reach & work with outside of work. Organizing coat drives, counseling, & hospice education. I'm completely happy in my decision & have found my purpose which also allows me to be a blessing to others!

  • ShyFlyGirl

    I spent all of 2012 putting others first. My children, parents, community, strangers all have been #1 on my list. This year I volunteered as a Deputy Registrar for the Stat of Georgia, registering my fellow citizens to vote. I also spent countless hours reading to children at three separate daycares. We put together benches and planters at a local school(not my children's) on MLK Day. I also helped spruce up the courtyard at my daughter''s school on Earth Day. My list could go on and on.

    I truly hope hat some deserving party wins this item.


  • ysoserious

    Where are the dudes? I see nothing but women sharing to win this contest. Boo.

  • ysoserious

    Do we have to prove anything we type or can I just make up something that sounds really good to get that purse?

  • BadNewzBiddy

    My younger cousin, who is gay (but not out), was being bullied at his school. I found out because I have a friend who works there and they swore me to secrecy for the sake of their job and his life. On October 13, I decided to go visit my cousin "out of the blue"; take him out and shower him with unexpected love. After spending the best day ever with him, he confided in me that he planned to take his life later on that day. We cried like babies....
    I love him SO much. After a very long heart-to-heart....he told me that "I kind of saved his life" because I reminded him of everything he did have to live for; Love.
    My friend who works at his school is the lifesaver to me. But I am more than thankful that she told me what was going on or else my baby cousin would have ended up another tragic victim to bullying. I'm not as concerned with winning as I am sharing this story with all of you. Talk to your kids, family, and friends about bullying. Our young ones are so fragile...just love them unconditionally..always.

  • Breezy

    I think the contest winners should be daily commenters that frequent the blog. They are your most loyal readers Sandra. Good luck to all!!

  • HoneyBun

    Lurker here! Been a fan of the site for a while even though I`m not a regular poster. Well for me I believe the impact that I had this year on other people would have to be on my coworkers at my job. We go through cycles in which there is a lot of work to be done and since most of the people on my team are new, I`ve been taking on extra work and trying to be as helpful as I can to make everyone else day just be easier (working overtime with no pay). I know its not much but I remember how when I started working there, someone did the same for me, so I love the transfer of positive actions.

  • Mshardworking

    This has been a year of highs and lows for me. Through it all, I remained humble and continued to serve others. In my professional life, I worked to name the first ever Pediatric Trauma Center in our state. Upon assuming my position, pediatrics in our state has never been a priority. Before being promoted to the position, I started the first ever Pediatric Trauma and Injury Prevention Symposium in our state. I also volunteer as a Guardian ad Litem in my home county. I take this responsibility very serious. I make frequent visits to the foster home and schools making sure the children are safe while continuing to investigate the case gather as many facts as possible. During the summer, I coordinated across state lines with a military base in Georgia to assist in the reunification of a family while providing ongoing services for adjustment progress. I continued to make history making progress in my professional career while giving as much time to my volunteer work as possible. I am the mother of two boys and I am a strong volunteer at their schools as well. They both play sports so I am there to support them during games and practices. My mother is deceased and I have two sisters that I often provide motherly assistance to them. They are adults, but I often feel that they need the support of a mother figure so I am here. In October of this year, I got a new boss. She immediately began bullying and harassing a number of employees including me. After dealing with blood pressure and anxiety issues, after over thirteen years with this agency, I resigned on November 14. I have been applying for jobs but in the meantime, I volunteered to accept additional foster cases to remain busy. I am a strong advocat The county I am from has been consistently named the least healthy county in our state, been in the rankings of the top ten counties with the highest number of traumas, and remained in the top five of highest poverty counties in our state. The county does not have a Wal-Mart or Salvation Army therefore depends on volunteers to help donate to less fortunate families for Christmas. Each year, the local fire department and EMS agency has been donating bikes for the Christmas giveaway. Since the county has so many negative statistics, I have worked to provide helmets for the bikes donated for injury prevention efforts. This year, since I was no longer employed by the agency that helped with the helmets, I was feeling really sad about not being able to help assist with helmets or the assistance giveaway. The pastor that heads the nonprofit that organizes the giveaway approached me and told me that he looked forward to seeing me in December 22, 2012 to help out. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I made phone calls hoping to get some donations. On December 21, 2012 I got a response from a nearby hospital that agreed to donate 220 helmets to match the 220 bikes that were donated. They also donated water bottle and other minor gifts that were stored in their warehouse. This was the highlight of my year. For this annual giveaway, people wait in the cold for hours until we begin at 8 am. I was just pleased to be able to able. I normally have my oldest son help out as well, but he was very sick this year. Finally, on Christmas Eve, I got a call from the mother of one of my friends who explained that her daughter had not gotten her kids anything for Christmas. She then told me they were calling churches because the kids didn't have coats either. Ironically, I had two coats that I was planning to donate that belonged to my boys. I told her that I would bring the coats to her. One of the children is a girl, but I explained it was the best I could do. I am still unemployed but have no regrets. I have interviewed a few places and hope for a favorable response. I was raised to give back and help others and I will continue to do so always. Before passing away my mother was the director of the local council on aging. She had my sisters and I volunteering to feed the senior citizens and collecting goods for the local pantries. This is a great contest because it shows how many people give back and help others daily. We are not millionaires, but we give back on our levels. My dream is to open my own non-profit. It is just hard to decide what it will be because I have volunteered so much and there are so many strong needs out here.

  • dclark15

    In 2012 I decided to work on myself and better myself, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally in order to be a better me. In hind sight it ended up not only being a positive change for myself but also for those around me. In order to make a change and difference in the world I believe you have to start with yourself before you can effect others. I began praying harder, reading scripture, working out, watching what i put into my body, and expressing myself better. Those changes helped me in my personal relationships with family and friends as well as helped me to inspire change in my family and friends. I was able to encourage my family and friends to work out, watch what they eat, and start a reading club (which we will start this week). A few small changes in myself has not only made a positive change for me but also for those around me, ultimately leading a positive change for all.

  • maaanna

    Well I work as an RN and I deal with a lot of sick patients and my cancer patients always leave with a piece of my heart. They are some of my favorites patients as I feel they make me reassess my life and be grateful for everyday on earth that I am blessed with.
    I had a patient dying from liver cancer and his dying wish was to go to Ecuador to visit family/say goodbye. He did not have family in the US nor the means of traveling. I talked to my supervisor about the patient, got some approved vacation days, bought tickets for us, and accompanied the patient to visit his family in Ecuador this December. It was one of the most selfless/fulfilling things I have done as a person and as a nurse.

  • bbclivy

    I always do my best to help out whomever I come across. My grandmother always told me treat people how you want to be treated and not how they treat you. I am an oncology nurse at a hospital. I donate blood, clothes, time and am also on the bone marrow registry( which auntie you know is hard to find black donors). :bowdown:

  • Sakeena

    By nature I am a caregiver. I am a nanny, I love on other peoples babies while they are at work. Last month I purchased 150 jackets from woman within, and donated them to various womens shelters in my area.

  • 100% usa made!

    Good Lawd! This post is like reading a novel. #carryon

  • michelleinaz

    In 2012 I was an Girl Scouts Troop leader introducing young ladies to the fun of Girl Scouts. With today's generation of girls and teens, obviously Girl Scouts isn't the first choice for social activities, but I try to make things as modern and interesting for my troop.

  • Yanaja

    I was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease (a rare cerebrovascular disorder) in 2009, at 29 years old after suffering multiple strokes and TIAs. In 2010 I had an STA-MCA bypass. Since I got sick, I have been trying to deny my "sick status." In 2012, I was inspired by a young lady who suffered a near fatal stroke. This young lady who is now confined to a wheelchair, proudly wears her "Stroke Survivor" status. I was lucky enough to have very little residual damage as a result of the strokes and TIAs, unlike this young lady, so 2012 was the year that I started to tell my story, which I hope has inspired others to get serious about their health and to not ignore the signs of stroke and/or other medical problems. God kept me alive for a reason and I plan to be the vessel He intended me to be.

    Happy New Year SR Fam & God Bless!

  • KedaBeda

    At the beginning of 2012, I decided I was going to be a nicer person, a less selfish person, a non-conniving person. I decided to treat people the way I would want to be treated, friend or foe, no matter what. I believe just showing others kindness goes a long way. With what has gone on in the world this year, you don't see many kind hearted people anymore and I try to change that. 2012 has been a trying year for myself and my family, I'm just trying to turn it around step by step, little by little. Happy New Year Sandrarose!!

  • reizvoll

    I would like to enter into the contest for my husband. He has worked really hard this year to overcome a lot of the issues he is suffering from. He was diagnosed with a variety of mental issues in 2009 after spending 4 years lost and not knowing what was "wrong" with him. Since then he has worked towards feeling better and being a better person. He works in the Office of Students with Disabilities providing assistance to students with disabilities and showing them how to use technology to help them overcome some of their difficulties. I love him very much and I am proud that even while he is dealing with his own problems he still is caring enough to try to help others that are suffering as well.

  • jummy

    Even though I just registered on your site, I have been a constant reader for over 2 years. I have always believe in giving and serving others. I really decided when I had children that I wanted to raise children that had compassion for others, not selfish and know that the world does not revolve around them. At least once a month, we participate in the food drive at church and volunteer at a thrift store or Open hand in Atlanta. Yesterday, we rang in the new year delivering meals to the elderly in downtown Atlanta and even though we could have been doing many different things, it felt like the right thing to do. My children love it! Even my 2 years old gets all into it and it makes me know that I am doing the right thing as a mother. Serving others is a double blessing because while we are helping people, we are also helping ourselves to become better people.

  • Cha Cha

    In the year 2012 I impacted the life of one of my sisters (I have 3) and my mother. My mother was denied for disability in February of 2012 and was not able to work due to being declared legally blind in her right eye. My mother also suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes. Even though I was laid off in March of 2012 I manage to pay for all of my mothers expenses and medications up up until she finally got approved by disability in November. My sister does hair extremely well so I paid for her first week of wardrobe so that she could be equipped and can focus on getting her license. I did all these things while receiving unemployment myself and leaning on my savings. My husband only works part time and I don't receive any child support from my first husband and no help from anyone else. I feel as though I impacted my mothers life by relieving the stress of her trying to figure out if she could make it day by day with the high of cost of medications. I feel like I impacted my sisters life by showing her that she doesn't have to conform to any obstacles and making it easier for her to pursue her dreams. Even if I don't win I am happy that I am here for my family!

  • ysoserious

    I don't understand why Sandra is requiring people to post stories for something that is ultimately random.

    Maybe she just wanted a feel good post for the new year. Anyway, good luck everyone.

  • VenezuelanMami

    I am a mother to two beautiful babies one who is sick. My 7 yr old suffers from a rare blood disorder called Severe Congenital Neutropenia that at any moment can go into full blown Leukemia. Since I been 18 yrs old, I have been in and out of hospitals, hospitalizations for months at a time. Finally spoke to her Oncologist and we came to a conclusion that she may need a Bone Marrow Transplant in the future. I wasn't ready for another baby, always dealing with all her runs to hospitals and doctor visits and to bring another baby into the equation was just impossible but for my daughter, I did it. Her father and I got pregnant and now my 21 month old is a perfect match for my daughter. In 2012, I really did everything I could to make her life better and doctors and me found a treatment that has kept out of hospitalizations for 7 months!!!!!!! We have her on daily injections called Neupogen that stimulates her bone marrow and keeps her blood count somewhat normal. She joined the Cheerleading team, cross country, and the church kids singing group. She is finally a healthy girl and if it wasn't for me, my persistence, my passion, my love, my dedication to my daughter and the fact that she hasn't been hospitalized in 7 months, is such a huge milestone in our lives. 2013 is all about family, 2012 taught me that no friends, no "neighbors" no one is going to be there for you. My motto for this year is F-A-M-I-L-Y! Hope you can see all my struggle and choose me to be the winner of this contest. Not only am I a mother, I am a wife, and a full time employee. Love your site Sandra. God Bless

  • shopaholicgirl1976

    I impacted the life of others in by, in my spare time, talking to people about the bible. I lost my dad in death three years ago and I have a hope for seeing him again and I wanted to pass that on to others who do not have a hope.

  • missbday

    Early in 2012 I decided to start doing more things that aren't based on my own needs and desires. What I did that had the most important impact to the lives of others was when I volunteered to help out with the special olympics in my community. I felt so much pride cheering and supporting those who have mental and physical incapabilities while they were competing in the sporting events. This all touched my heart deeply. We, myself and the other volunteers, helped them with drinks, snacks, towels, hugs, laughs, and cheers. The sportsmanship and happiness the players displayed was beautiful. Watching the games and being there really made other life's problems seem so trivial. To see those kids and young adults so good at different sports like softball, swimming, track & field, and tennis all while being disabled was indeed inspiring. Well since I volunteered with the special olympics, I have decided to continue to volunteer my love and support every year and throughout my life's journey I also want to encourage others to help out. I feel very fortunate to have been part of those events in 2012.

  • Miss Mainey

    I have always given money to a friend who was struggling with providing for her daughter. I encouraged and supproted my friend through her difficult breakup (suicidal). I've always encouraged and tried to help others fulfill their dreams and in doing so I found my life's calling.

  • Diva

    Good luck to all of the contestants. I will not make up something just to win a LV bag. I'll just have to butter my husband up to buy me that Neverfull for my birthday! But IMO the bag should go to a regular loyal poster. OAN Happy New Year peeps!

  • 4everangie

    I don't really post often but I am a firm supporter of your site. I honestly hope that I impact someone's life daily as certain people do in my life. I impact the lives of my patients on a daily basis as a dental assistant. I love educating my patients and helping them turn their smiles around. I have a passion for what I do and if I did not my job would be of no purpose. Most importantly they impact my life everyday just by letting me be if service to the! I hope someone who is truly deserving wins your giveaway!

  • Cariblife

    In the last year I didn't do anything major, but through my school's tax assistance program, I volunteered to assist low income people and families do their taxes and I raised funds to assist children in foster/low income situations obtain books and school supplies. I didn't receive any compensation or school credit for any of these but I did feel extra great that I was able to help one girl who was going through the teen angst and body issues that we all have to feel much better about her self and that to me was probably the best I could ask for.

  • greygoose125

    Too bad the contest doesn't include the rest of the country - but hey you can't please everyone - Happy New Year!

  • mrsloveleigh

    This year my husband and I bought a house in a better neighborhood placing my kids in better schools giving them better opportunities. The best thing I can do is to invest in them and give them a good example. A stable home, two hard working parents, and good morals.

  • NicNat

    I strive to be kind, giving, and most of all compassionate. I give without expecting anything in return, say thank you, I'm respectful and always greet with a smile! :)

  • italy33126

    I try to make the best out of any little thing (good or bad) in my life. I try to share that with family/friends. I know they appreciate it because they share their feelings/issues with me and they walk away feeling better than when our conversation started. It makes me feel great if I can make someone happier.

  • atwilkerson

    2012 marked the 3rd year my husband has been on kidney dialysis. While going through financial, mental and physical effects of a End stage renal patient, I've managed to complete my masters in Information Technology, send my daughter to college and tend to the needs of a pre-schooler. What I've taught others around me especially my daughters is the strength of a strong black woman. Sometimes the road road seems long and unbearable don't lose faith in God and keep on keeping on. Hoping 2013 brings prosperity and a donor for my husband. I know if its hard on me, it's worse on him.

  • JD

    Hey Sandra!

    Thanks for giving back to your readers and supporters. I am a Makeup Artist. I know that might not seem like a big deal to some, but one thing that I have continued to do since I began my business is to make sure that I give back to women in my community but giving them free makeovers. In 2012, I have worked with homeless women, women who are HIV/AIDS positive, single mothers, and the elderly. Feeling good on the inside is much easier when you can look in the mirror and feel good on the outside. When a woman breaks down to me after seeing herself in the mirror after she has gotten her makeup and hair done, is more rewarding than anything else I have done. I hope to continue the services I have provided in the New Year and also hope to bring in a styling team so that we can also provide clothing to the women we are making over. I am a woman that has been through a lot and has been blessed with a second chance to do what I love, so the only things I can think of doing is making another woman like myself, smile! Thanks again for an awesome year!

  • I.NealC

    I Should Win Because I Work For Walmart In Midtown Atlanta. I Have To Smile And Be Courteous To Customers And Their Children Even While Being Belittled And Cursed Out. I Work 40Hrs A Week But Still Labeled As A "Part-Time" Employee So That They Don't Have To Give Me Full Time Benefits After 3Yrs Of Employment. Despite This I Still Go In And Make Sure That I Am As Helpful As Possible And Will Go Out My Way To Make Sure That The Customers Were Satisfied Throughout 2012.

  • DapisDaShizz

    Well this year I have become a foster parent of 4 children. They were 15, 14, 4, and 1. Since I got the children before they entered the system I was not paid for the 7 months they were in my home. Because I knew the family, I did not want them to be in an unknown home while their mom did her treatment and when she finished she was awarded custody. I do many other things but those pale in comparison to the joy I felt helping those kids in their time of need.

  • MeChelle


    Hi. This year my mother and I opened a group home for homeless veterans .We provided supportive living that enables an adult to live in his or her own setting, with support and assistance from the Home for Heroes team. Home for Heroes helps participants to build the skills they need to live independently. We also provide psycho-social support, helping each participant to cope with daily stresses.
    It was has been very rewarding to see how the residents have progressed and helping them transition back into society . Please view our website :


  • 7_7_7_93_11

    In 2012 I volunteered at a non-profit organization called Clean The World. They collect soap, shampoo and other hygiene items from the hotels in the metro Las Vegas area and recycle them to send to other countries where the lack of these basic items contribute to the spread of disease.

  • EducatorMomfromMS

    Five days a week for more than eight hours a day, I deal with approximately 150 alternative school students ranging in age 5-20. On a minute-by-minute basis, I am a mother, a counselor, a social worker, law enforcement, and then an educator. My job is to educate students who have been kicked out of the traditional public school setting for offenses ranging from gang activity to cocaine possession. And the amazing thing about my job, IT IS AWESOME!! On a daily basis, I hear, "I'm homeless. I don't know where my mama is." "I've never met my dad." "I'm hungry." "I don't want to go to jail/prison." You name it, and I deal with it. I operate with the "tough love" approach. I am very stern and demanding of my students because often, my building is the only place where they have structure. I could go on and on, but that's just a glimpse of what I do 5 days a week to impact the lives of hundreds who live in the school community.

  • jean_grae11

    In 2012, I volunteered to serve Thanksgiving dinner to those who are less fortunate in our community. I also volunteered at our local annual Blood Drive. Though these are not major contributions, I know that my efforts made a positive impact and I look forward to making more positive contributions in 2013. Happy New Year!

  • Flashy

    I took over raising my autistic nephew. This ish is a challenge, but he's a good kid.

  • Kristen

    In 2012, I impacted many by encouraging each to give back to our community, schools, kids, etc. I accomplished this by being a pure example by countlessly volunteering at the school, clothes drive, including my co-workers in a service project with an organization that provide birthday parties, gifts, favors, and hyigene bags to homeless kids that are in transition to a new home, and the most memorable was including my 5 year old son in a service project where we served breakfast at a local shelter for women and kids. Anytime I come an opportunity to give back, I immediately get involved. It’s not for recognition, it’s the satisfaction of blessing another in some way that’s genuinely from the heart. I can’t wait to get involved in 2013!

  • Reign

    Happy New Year, Sandra. 2012 was all about finding my life's purpose. I set a side a lot of time to think about what I've been through and where I'd ultimately like to end up. I have a list of "life" things to do in 2013 and I hope to fill up this bag while checking things off my list. It would be the perfect bag to use as a carry on while traveling (stamps in passport) or carrying books while studying for the GRE (grad school here I come).

  • datsmdubya2u

    my impact on others is minding my own gawddamed bizness.........

  • Kisha_No_E

    In 2012 I participated in a program that allowed law students to argue expungement motions in court. As a result of my participation, the Court set aside my client's 24 year old felony conviction. He had tears in his eyes and was overjoyed that he would be able to start his life over felony-free.

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    Yippiee; you opened up to us non-ATLiens as well! I'll give it a shot....

    In 2012, I began teaching at my church to first graders every Wednesday from 3:45-4:45. I also teach twice a month on Sundays during service to whatever age group I am assigned. I try to keep the focus on every day choices. I don't make it a religious hour or a judgement hour about how the kids sinned all week. I try to make the hour about making good choices moving forward after they leave the class. Contrary to religious stereotypes, I also teach the children tolerance because no matter what we learn within our faith, only God can grant his Grace and so, it is up to Him to judge and give Grace to whomever he wants. Also, this year, I had my daughter do quarterly donation clean ups in her room. Opposed to just dumping the items to Goodwill or in a donation bin, I had her actually go with me to a women and children's shelter in Oakland to personally hand the items to the facility. During the holidays, our church hosts "Winter Nights" for 15 homeless families. All families have to have children to qualify for the program. We open our peace room and put up tents and we personally cook and clean for the families as well as provide babysitting services so the adults may have some quiet time. I got my daughter up every morning before school to go with me to the facility and clean up for one hour. She was pretty tired but, I think she gained a lot from the house keeping for people less fortunate. We also did evening sitting for the two year old and younger children. Those children slept in tents at night and only had the food we provided to eat but, seeing them warm and safe and playing with toys really made my heart warm. My daughter was able to see that children can smile and be happy even without all of the things we take for granted every day. I was so happy to be a part of the program.
    The other major opportunity I was a part of last year was helping my niece who has grown up in a very hurtful situation. Without going in to details, I'll just say that I can only hope that my words of encouragement and opening my home to someone, every one else has given up on, somehow impacted her to be motivated in 2013 to prove every one wrong. My love is with her always.
    I am not perfect and I seem to do better by others than I do myself at times. I'm good at giving others the right answers when I may not have the right answers for my own situations. I could have done more last year and my hope is that in 2013, I can do more to not only help others but, to help myself be a better person. Even if I don't win a purse, I hope someone reading this is motivated to help a child or children within their area. Our children are our futures. It takes a village!

  • kandy.cuy

    Through the year I work as a grade school teacher devoting countless hours to helping inner-city children with the language of the world. Not only do I stay late, but I also come in on weekends to help students achieve greatness in my classroom. Aside from helping these students for which I am under paid or not paid at all for my timeless efforts, but I also donate to the AKF about 5 times a year. Giving back has always been greater than receiving in my book.

  • DeniseSarai

    This year I have made an impact on other people's lives simply by being a kind person and sacrificing my time. On Thanksgiving Day, before spending time with my family and enjoying the things I have been blessed with, I took the time to volunteer and it brought me joy to see homeless people getting a good meal. I have strived this year to be nothing but kind to people and yes it has been hard but it is truly the right thing to do.

  • prescarter

    With the holiday season just passing my children decided we would take teddy bears and homemade cards to the childrens hospital to bring joy to the children who couldnt be with their families. my children were so excited and it made me feel proud to be their father and to know that i taught the well.

  • SexxxyDimeDiva

    I go into the jail & prisons in Baltimore City to speak with, encourage, & minister to the youth(male & female).I also go into the high schools and speak about safe sex, peer pressure,the true importance of abstinence, & teen pregnancies among other common teenage issues. I was once a troubled teen, with most of these issues & now that I've gotten my life in order, I only though it would be right to give back to the troubled youth of this generation. If I reach but one then my trials were not in vain.

  • RubenT

    You know, I treat every person as I'd like to be treated back. You know, that good ole' word Karma; I believe in it. Whether it's buying someone's coffee behind me in line, or giving a few dollars to "that" person standing along the intersection, I try my best. I don't have a lot of money but I live life with the perception that if I do what I can, someone will do the same for me. Happy 2013 to ALL!

  • Trendsetter

    So most of the ppl that are leaving stories, I rarely see on here...anywho, I feel as though you may never know who is lying when it comes to contests like this....

  • Lucky704

    I assist patients with stage four Prostate Cancer with financial and emotional counseling during the difficult stage of their lives. The biological drug is an alternative treatment to chemotherapy. It is the first biological of its kind that allows the patient a little more time and less discomfort from the normal treatments. Even though it is my job I always take in account that every patient is a father, brother, son or friend to someone and they are faced with knowing that their days are numbered. I have gone above and beyond to ensure that my patients receive the best care possible, even working during the holiday season around the clock.

  • Jdore

    Last New Year's I spent in the hospital because I was pregnant and lost my baby. Once I was able to recoup and get myself back I started working and talking to mothers that have lost a child during pregnancy or have trouble dealing with abortions. Pregnancy is an emotional time for females and doctors are so quick to put people on medicine, so I just try to help the cope and get through by giving them an another outlet.

  • brooklynisis

    I loving helping people all the time. If I see someone lost, I try and help. If it looks like someone needs help with just about anything I can help with, I offer. I live in Brooklyn and I see so many mean people I just treat others like I wish someone would treat me with consideration and compassion. I try and instill that into my two boys as well. I put them and my husband first so often and myself last, it would be great to win a bag I can use to carry all my stuff for work etc. I generally don't buy new stuff for me.
    Have a great day!

  • sfrenney

    Hi Sandra,

    I live in Marietta Ga and a couple of my friends and I got together and donated clothes, food, and care packages to a homeless sheltor in downtown Atlanta on Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful and humbling experience for all of us. :)

  • uniquejohn

    this year i helped Sandy victims here in NY by volunteering my time with various charitable organizations and also allow people without power to use my outlets to charge their devices

  • nmh02

    I would love to win the prize, but not because of why I've done because I like to be a positive influence in people's lives regardless if the reward. As a state social worker, I see devastation daily, and although I am only one person, my goal is to touch at least one family's life for the better. Happy New Year everyone! I pray for a year of happiness and prosperity for all :-)

  • Mojo

    I continue to try to treat others the way I want to be treated on a daily basis. I think its the little things that count

  • purplelover

    In 2012, I embarked on making a more noticeable impact of the lives of others.
    I have always been a friendly & happy person despite life’s challenges. Despite losing my mother to breast cancer at age 14 and giving birth to my only child at age 16, I graduated with honors in high school and college. Seven years ago I continued my education and received a Master’s Degree from Seton Hall University. I have been one to not let my circumstances determine my potential. With the assistance of a best friend, in 2012 I started a women’s group entitled, the SWAG Group which is acronym for Sharpened Women Achieve Greatness. The mission of the group is to sharpen the saw in ourselves and others in our circle of influence. Sharpening the saw is preserving and enhancing the greatest asset we have, which is ourselves. It involves renewing the physical, mental, spiritual, and social areas of our lives. We are embarking in community service/volunteering, participating in walks/races, committing to credit repair debt reduction, and mentoring adolescents.
    Continuing in the belief, that charity starts at home, we were able to bless some immediate families within our group.
    Being transparent within the group, has allowed others to see that those things they once believed were unattainable can be reached with support and a sincere determination.
    Although, this is just a brief summary of how I have made a positive impact on the lives of others in 2012, I pray that it has illustrated enough for you to determine that I have indeed fulfilled the task.

  • blessedaka3

    I probably don't deserve to win, but I WANT that bag!! I did manage not to choke any children or slap their parents in my job as an evaluator of special needs children this year. I did not even curse out my boss. Please let me win!

  • mtoto03

    I am from (currently lives in GA)Africa where HIV is affecting a lot of people. I am planning to go to Africa this summer and volunteer in Orphanage centers where there are a lot kids who lost their parents due to this disease. I will get some funds from my savings, family and friends so that i can donate to those different centers.

  • kc_chica

    The biggest thing I did to help my community is constantly pray! I would love to win this bag!

  • mzlifelover

    In 2012 I gathered local comedians and musicians to host a benefit for an 18 month old baby who needed a surgery and a wheel chair. The litte girl was injured in a car accident and her parents lost thier jobs staying by her side at the hospital. The events were succesful and the parents were encouraged! This was me making a difference in 2012.

  • J Said it!

    In 2012 I've empowered and advocated on behalf of families. Its just my everyday life. In my neighborhood there's a sleuth of under privileged kids. On some days, I would feed them, clothed them (if theyre able to fit my sons clothes). I give them words of encouragement when they're sad and feel like giving up. I also try to take them out of the neighborhood (bringing them to circus, library, cookouts & my sons games etc..)

    I have this one kid, she's a challenge. She has been faced with abandonment, drug stricken parent, broken home and abuse. (Now being raised by grandmother). This kid believes the streets is her only hope. My words to her always, "you will not fail under my watch".

    She was suspended with the possibility of being expelled for bringing drug paraphenalia to school. (found it on the ground, while walking to school)
    I attended her hearing and adovcated that she should be given a chance to remain in her school. (gave school history on her upbringing) The school has reinstated her and she's still trying. She has my support. I check on her in school and in the community. I do this for her and every child that is in need of healing, guidance, praise and love.
    I would continue to advocate on behalf of the less fortunate and those who need a voice.

  • Kelseys Mom

    I found out in 2012 that my husband and I were expecting our 1st child. I had a rough pregnancy I spent half of 2012 on bed rest and ended up having our son stillborn at 21 weeks. Even though I had such a terrible thing happen I still managed to to spend 2012 putting others first. I have a non-profit that help kids in need. I'm hoping in 2013 I can try for another child of my own but if not I'm still grateful. Be blessed everyone and Happy New Year!

  • eastpointvet

    in 2012 i made a substantial donation to hosea williams feed the hungry as it was my first time actually making a real donation to any non profit organization. It actually felt good to be able to help even though i was not able to give time i was able to help in my own way.

  • blakbutterflyyy

    I have a three year old daughter as well as a daughter in college. Despite the financial struggles I have, I continuously do for friends and family ( who always seem to need one thing or another). I am also a support system for friends , family and people in the community. I have an open door policy, meaning that my door is always open to those who need me.

  • apsd82

    This year I moved in with my grandmother who has recently experienced a substantial loss in sight and mobility and assisted her with her daily needs.

  • ThislilPiggy

    In August of 2012, I was approached by a Red Cross street team and I decided to make monthly contributions based off the fact that the Red Cross has helped real life people that I know. For example, my Mom after her house fire and my friend whose home was flooded out. I think when you're blessed, it is important to pay it forward. Although I hope to never need the Red Cross, I am confident that my contribution does help real people in real need.

  • dabunique

    Like every year at work I organized the holiday food drive that was able to feed many this. We give out free turkeys at my job to every employee, but we also get some extra to donate to the local homeless shelter, as well we have can drives and toy drives for our local community

  • f150

    I have made a impact on my life because i have decide to turn my life and problems over to the lord. i have being fighting a war within myself for 11 years and now it time for a change. I have started reading the life maunal (Bible).

  • blashay

    I strive to make a difference in others lives every day! One thing I began doing in 2012 is taking inner city children of single teenage parents in low income families in Maryland to North Carolina twice per year to see life outside of their current circumstances to show they can rise above their environment. While in North Carolina the children are taught such skills as horseback riding and they also do fun activities such as riding dirt bikes. This trip also gives the single parents a few days to relax and get a break from their responsibility of taking care of these children alone.

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