Shateria Moragne-el

When a gunman (or gunmen) opened fire on rapper Rick Ross’s Rolls Royce Phantom in Ft. Lauderdale early Monday, his girlfriend, Shateria Moragne-el, who was also in the car, almost took an L for her man.

Ross crashed into a residential building to escape the gunfire, but the rapper and his passenger walked away unhurt.

News of the attempt on Ross’ life left many wondering about the pretty young woman with the exotic features who is literally a ride-or-die chick.

The Palm Beach New Times reports that Shateria Moragne-el owns and operates Front Row Couture, an edgy women’s clothing brand that features high end urban steetwear.

According to the Palm Beach New Times, Front Row creator Shateria has been involved in fashion and the performing arts most of her life. The article doesn’t explain how she got mixed up with the 37-year-old Ross, whose life is threatened daily by members of the Gansgta Disciples street gang.

The Maryland native attended the Baltimore School for the Arts where she focused on ballet and modern dance. Soon after, Moragne-el decided to flex her creative muscle in a different arena – the world of fashion. She worked as a personal stylist and consultant, providing creative direction on a variety of projects, lookbooks and catalogues.

Knowing a thing or two about Front Row life, she decided to create a line that would make her consumers feel the same way. Her clothing and designs ensure comfort, confidence and appeal. Front Row couture represents unmatched style and freedom – inspiring its consumers to be seen on the scene and never settle for anything less than the Front Row. READ MORE

Police are still looking for the gunman or gunmen.

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