Rolex Romeos In 2011, I wrote a post titled How to Snag a True Baller. The purpose of my post was to help women separate the fluff from the true ballers by educating herself on what ballers like.

Groupies are a dime a dozen, but it takes a certain type of woman to marry up.

Knowledge is what separates groupies from women who snag True Ballers

The NY Post published an article about well-heeled New York men who set themselves apart from the rest by showcasing their refined tastes on their wrists.

But not all successful men want to get married. Some want to play the field, so it pays to know the game.

Newly divorced Manhattan surgeon Robert Huang flashes a $80,000 Rolex during his interview with the NY Post.

“Women want to see a man as being successful and, along with upscale clothes and shoes, a good watch is an established symbol of success,” says Huang, who is seeking a “younger woman for companionship, not marriage.”

“They want a man who can give them security and it highlights the fact you’re that type of guy.”

But men also want women who know the difference between a Fossil watch and a Breitling. A man who purchases a luxury timepiece has done his homework — and he wants a woman who does her homework, too.

“It sounds really shallow, but younger women really fall for all that stuff,” says Wall Street trader Mike, 27, who is a member of the sugar-daddy-dating-service, which matches wealthy men with women who want to be “kept.” Mike has an impressive collection of timepieces including a $8,000 Rolex Submariner II, which he wears to the office.

“A bigger [watch] face always catches a woman’s eye,” Mike says. “A jeweler friend drilled holes [in the Breitling] and added 24 quarter-carat diamonds around the edge, so it really sparkles.

“A Maserati only goes as far as the parking lot, but a watch you have with you all the time.” READ MORE at the NY Post.

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