three arrested in belt-beating

Police in Newark, NJ have arrested three people they say are responsible for the horrific belt beating of a man that was caught on tape. Police announced the arrests on Tuesday (Feb. 12) after a viral video showed the suspects forcing the victim to strip naked, then beating him with a belt.

A 19-year-old man has been charged in connection with the beating. The cameraman and another person was also charged, reports.

In the video, a group of people confront a young man in an alleyway. “Take everything off right now. You’re moving too slow,” yells a man whose back is to the camera.

“Your father owe me money. Take everything off, jeans, everything,” the man orders.

After the victim strips naked, the man viciously beats the victim with a belt 49 times as onlookers laugh.

Afterwards, it was revealed that the corporal punishment was doled out over a $20 debt.

Thousands of online viewers reacted with shock and rage at the senseless violence.

Police Director Samuel A. DeMaio sent three squads of police to search for the beater.

“To see him stripped down naked and taken advantage of and abused like that, it was sickening to me. I pictured somebody doing that to my son … the people that did that need to be brought to justice for sure,” said DeMaio

“It’s senseless,” said a Newark resident after viewing the video on a reporter’s smart phone. “How would you like that to happen to a family member of yours?” he added.

Sadly, these types of beatings occur regularly to defenseless children in the black community. Police in major cities everywhere have begun to crack down by arresting parents who whip their children with belts.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker called the beating incident “shocking,” and “disturbing,” and he blamed a “subculture of violence we have to address” in our community.

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