The blogoshphere is still buzzing about Beyonce winning the Super Bowl yesterday in New Orleans. Millions tuned in to watch the Dive unleash her Sasha Fierce personality during the dazzling 15-minute set. If Beyonce was nervous about her performance you couldn’t tell by watching her strut her stuff across the stage.

When asked about her special preparation for the big show, Beyonce told reporters that Jay Z’s sperm and that good Dopamine sex played a role in getting her good and ready to perform.


“When I get nervous or I don’t have everything together I like to make love to my husband,” she said.

Beyonce added that she prepared for the Super Bowl for months, and she was happy to have Jay Z along for the ride (literally).

“I’ve been preparing for five months for this moment. I’m happy I’ll have my husband there with me – it’s every women’s dream to feel this way about her husband.”

By the way, it was confirmed that Beyonce caused the power outage at the Superdome Sunday night.

Beyonce’s stage lighting was so elaborate that she twice blew power transformers inside the stadium during her rehearsals during the week,” according to WFAN correspondent Boomer Esiason.

“So they should have known that this might happen?” asked co-host Craig Carton. “I mean, it was embarrassing.”

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