Amanda Bynes calls Jay Z ugly

Is Beyonce going to stand by while actress Amanda Bynes calls her husband ugly? Before we jump to conclusions about Bynes calling Jay Z ugly, maybe he did something to her that she didn’t like?

Or maybe her anger wasn’t directed at Jiggaman at all. Maybe it had something to do with her landlord threatening to evict the 26-year-old actress from her luxury NY apartment? Maybe Jay Z is one of her snooty neighbors? The landlord reportedly said: “She’s a disrespectful rule-breaker,” according to gossip website TMZ.

From HuffPo:

Did Amanda Bynes really just call Jay-Z ugly?

It seems like it. On Feb. 6, the 26-year-old tweeted a photo of the rapper and wrote “Ugly face.” Bynes has since deleted the tweet which was aimed at a Twitter user who doesn’t appear to be active or connected to her.

Just to clarify, the Twitter user that Byrnes directed her tweet at is a truncated username for Jay Z’s Twitter handle @s_c_. I’m surprised the Huffington post blogger didn’t know that.

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