President Obama Beyonce

A White House spokesman is defending the White House administration’s decision to remove a petition targeting President Obama’s friend, Beyonce, from a White House website.

The website, called We The People, was created during Obama’s re-election campaign to give the average American citizen a voice in government.

The anti-Beyonce petition was started by a health advocate who believes Beyonce’s multimillion dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi sends the wrong message in light of First Lady Michelle Obama’s much-publicized fight against childhood obesity.

A White House spokesman told the petition was deleted because the White House does not have “jurisdiction over” the Inauguration.

The Inauguration is “not something the White House actually has jurisdiction over,” said the spokesman. “Since the Presidential Inaugural Committee is a whole separate entity that handles the Inauguration … the White House doesn’t control who is singing at the inaugural ceremony.”

Who are they fooling? Wasn’t it the president who hand-picked the performers?

Blogger points out an obvious contradiction — a petition targeting rapper Lil Flip was allowed to remain on the White House website.

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