Stolen iPad pictures

A North Little Rock man is using social media to track down the ‘thief’ who may have stolen his iPad. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the woman: her picture is all over facebook and Twitter, Fox Arkansas reports.

Stolen iPad pictures

Allen Engstrom and his social media friends have been poking fun at the unidentified woman who snapped self portraits of herself on Engstrom’s iPad after he mistakenly left the pricey gadget on a plane last month.

Engstrom didn’t know who had his iPad until the woman’s pictures started showing up on his family’s smart phones last month.

Since then he’s been having fun at the woman’s expense, posting her pics on facebook and twitter, hoping someone recognizes her — or she recognizes herself from the photos that went viral.

“I have no idea whether or not someone will say hey I know this person,” he told Fox 16 News.

“Every time I get a picture of her it’s like a continuing fountain of entertainment.”

Engstrom says the woman’s photo showed up on her son’s iPhone one day out of the blue.

Engstrom says he wants to take a picture of himself with a sign that says “I want my iPad back” and hopefully she’ll get the point.

Apple products can track stolen or lost devices through an app called “Find My iPhone”. The feature can also lock the device remotely or emit a loud, piercing sound. But Engstrom said he never turned the feature on.

“It’s sad that somebody lost their device.” Zach McDonald with The iPhone Guys said. He added it may be gone for good.

“If he didn’t [have the features on] then he’s kinda probably at a loss and relying on the goodwill of social media.”

Engstrom hasn’t filed a theft report on this yet, according to Fox 16.

He says the iPad has/had his name and email address engraved on the back with a message to please return the iPad if found.

Maybe the ‘thief’ can’t read?