TI and Tiny on E News

Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 37, and her husband, rapper T.I., 32, are among the celebrities rushing to defend Beyonce’s demeaning lyrics in her lame new song, “Bow Down (Bitches)”.

Tiny says she she thinks the song is “hot.” And T.I., who hasn’t heard the track, says Beyonce should not apologize for offending her female fans because, as artists, they should be free to say whatever they want to say in their lyrics.

From E! News via Urbannebellemag.com:

“I haven’t even heard it, but my guy, Trae the Truth, he actually called me and told me somethin’ about it, but I hadn’t heard it myself.

“B is the epitome of success, pretty much embodies everything that it is to be upper echelon performer. As artists, as long as we are being true and honest to our hearts and what we really feel, that’s what we owe the people. [Beyoncé] shouldn’t be apologetic about it. We owe it to the people to give our true feelings because that’s where the best music should derive from—your sincerest, passionate feelings.”

I wish rappers felt the same way about bloggers having the right to say what we want to say on our own blogs.

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