Missiles stand ready

America is at war with North Korea. You kids may not realize this because the liberal media is largely controlled by the White House.

North Korea’s boy dictator, Kim Jong-Un, has been threatening Nuclear war strikes against the U.S. for months now. ABC News reports that the Pentagon is finally taking action.

“They have ratcheted up their bellicose, dangerous rhetoric and some of the actions they’ve taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger,” Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said.

The Pentagon has responded to the immediate threat from the west by sending a missile defense system to Guam; and ABC News reports that U.S. warplanes, including fighter jets and F-22 stealth fighters, U-2 spy planes and an A-10 attack jet are already in South Korea. Soldiers stand ready to storm the border between North Korea and South Korea.

“Their super cruise capability, their stealth capability gives them the opportunity to go places no other aircraft can go,” Lt. Gen. Jan-Marc Jouas, deputy commander of the U.S. forces in South Korea, said of the F-22 stealth fighters.

ABC News reports that Jong-Un’s military is the fourth largest in the world with 1,700 planes, 800 ships and 4,000 tanks. “North Korea could no doubt inflict substantial damage if there was a surprise attack,” ABC News notes.

Meanwhile, unsuspecting Californians are going about their daily lives — watering their lawns and walking their poodles — as if war is not imminent just a few thousand miles from their shores.

Here’s what is likely to happen when the first bomb falls: power will be knocked out immediately; there will be no cell phone signals, meaning no access to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. There will be widespread looting (which the media will conveniently ignore except in the black areas). Grocery store shelves will be stripped bare; clean water will be scarce. Bottled water will be rationed. Hospitals will run on generators, etc.

A nuclear attack will be 100xs worse than the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.