Joakim Noah is ejected from game 2 of the playoffs

The Miami HEAT held a cookout on their home court after hammering the Chicago Bulls 115-78 to even the second round series 1-1. Miami, led by a rejuvenated LeBron James, carved up the Chicago Bulls’ defense like a side of beef, handing the Bulls their worst lopsided loss in Bulls franchise history.

The Heat also broke a franchise record for the widest margin of victory in playoffs history.

LeBron, who won his 4th MVP trophy last weekend, scored all of his 19 points in the first half. He spent the 2nd half guiding his teammates to victory with thrilling no-look passes.

Bulls center Joakim Noah and reserve power forward Taj Gibson were ejected in the 4th quarter for cursing at a referee. Still, Noah was optimistic about game 3 in Chicago on Friday.

“We came here, we did our job, we won a game, we got the homecourt,” Noah said after the game. “We’re a confident group. We got punched in the mouth tonight and we’ll be back. We’ll be back in two days.

But if Noah thinks he can curse out the refs and still skate through the playoffs, he’s sadly mistaken.

The referees are a proud, tight-knit bunch. They stick together and they look out for one another. Precedence suggests that Noah and Gibson will spend most of game 3 on the bench in foul trouble.

Home court advantage doesn’t mean diddly squat if you’re opponents are the Miami HEAT AND the officials.

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