Susannah Collins

After caving to intense pressure from women’s rights groups, the major sports networks began an experiment by hiring sexy women to announce major sports competitions from the sidelines. The experiment failed miserably due to two simple truths: no matter how sexy she is, a feminine voice is too distracting to men while they’re watching testosterone-filled sports. The second simple truth is horny women can’t control their desires around sports Gods like LeBron James.

Today, Comcast SportsNet Chicago announced they were firing a female sports reporter who had a Freudian slip live on the air.


According to Yard Barker on May 3, reporter Susannah Collins lost her job with Comcast SportsNet Chicago just days after making a Freudian slip on television.

Collins was a sideline reporter and was talking about the Chicago Blackhawks season as they head into the playoffs. While she meant to say that the team had a “tremendous amount of success,” she said the team had a “tremendous amount of sex.”

She caught herself, stammered for a moment but then quickly picked back up and said “success” before moving on. It was a nice catch for the sideline sports reporter, but it was not enough to keep the network from firing her.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago released a statement clarifying that Collins’ termination was “unrelated to her on-air remarks.” The network did not disclose why Collins was fired, which leads to speculation that Collins may have had other Freudian slips of a sexual nature.

According to the famed psychologist Sigmund Freud, a Freudian slip is the verbalization of an unconscious thought. In other words, the verbalization of something we are subconsciously thinking but can’t speak out loud.
According to Freud, unacceptable thoughts or beliefs are withheld from conscious awareness, and these slips help reveal what is hidden in our unconscious.

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