Doc Rivers Son Defends Him On Twitter

The sports world is buzzing today about the dismantling of the NBA’s Boston Celtics. The team’s stars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were traded to the Brooklyn Nets, while their coach Doc Rivers is heading to the Los Angeles Clippers.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons took Rivers’ departure unusually hard during a mini meltdown on ESPN’s live coverage of the NBA draft.

“I would like to call him a idiot but I’m too classy for that, said Rivers, responding to Simmons’ comment that Rivers “quit” on the Celtics.

The last time I checked, this was still a free country where a coach has the freedom to accept a $21 million contract to take his talents to another team.

Why does Simmons care so much where Rivers goes? This is the same guy who couldn’t contain his obvious bias for the Pacers and the Spurs — or any team that played against the world champion Miami Heat during the 2013 NBA playoffs.

Rivers’ normally mild mannered son, Jeremiah, was more direct. Justin took to his Twitter account to politely — but sternly — give Simmons the business.

Doc Rivers Son Defends Him On Twitter

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