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A paralyzed Arkansas man awakened to see his blood-soaked pet dog feasting on one of his testicles. According to, the unidentified man told police he awakened around 7:45 a.m. Monday to a "burning sensation" in his mid section.

The victim, who has no feeling from the waist down, said he noticed his “small, white, fluffy dog” had blood on its snout and front paws. According to the police report, the 39-year-old man noticed “the dog had eaten one of his testicles.” The man told police the dog was a stray he had taken in about three weeks earlier.

The victim was taken to St. Bernards Regional Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries. The dog was euthanized and its head was sent to a lab to be tested for rabies.

The case is similar to that of a paralyzed Florida boy who lost the fingers of his left hand to his pet puppy. There have also been recent cases of dogs who eat their deceased owners.

This case is a reminder that this type of canine behavior is normal for dogs who are descendants of wild wolves. Breeding and domesticating a dog does not remove the animal instinct for survival. And contrary to popular belief, dogs do not see their owners as human beings. Dogs consider humans to be alpha animals who walk upright.

It is important to remember that love is not a characteristic of dogs. Love is a human characteristic. Dogs are domesticated wild animals who revert to their wild behavior if you are otherwise incapacitated.

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      Dogs should be in the backyard imo.

    • Sandra Rose

      @ GottaBigOne: I don't blame you. People treat these animals like they're members of the family. But a member of your family won't eat your face if you are suddenly incapacitated. :no:

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      So what really happened was this man was sleep ((naked)) after trying to get the dog to.... Know what... Nvm :kona:



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      That's exactly why I hate animals! I'm so afraid of dogs that once when I was about 7 years old, I was being dropped off at my grandparents house around 6 a.m. by my mom who was on her way to work and there was this big dog in the front yard barking erratically at me. The dog didn't belong to anyone in the neighborhood and took up residence overnight and apparently marked my grandparents home as its territory. I screamed in horror and my granddaddy ran out the house in his boxers and a T-shirt with his shot gun and blew the dogs head open. Later, we were notified that the dog had been reported as a nuisance and had been terrorizing others. I hate all animals. I don't think they should be kept as pets.

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      The case is similar to that of a paralyzed Florida boy who lost the fingers of his left hand to his pet puppy. There have also been recent cases of dogs who eat their deceased owners.

      My Gawd ^^^^ This :shock:

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      Very good write up :applause:

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      People treat these animals like they’re members of the family. But a member of your family won’t eat your face if you are suddenly incapacitated
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      This happened here in Toledo, Ohio.

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      I wonder why the dogs nibble on the regions where there is no feeling. Do they consider that area dead or what? Cray!

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      Anyway, there is speculation around the web that this story is a fake. Not sure about the paralyzesd boy but the man waking up to his testicles being eaten may not be real.

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      I have a 5 yr old american bulldog that is my baby. A huge baby, but my baby. When I ask him if he gotta pee or wanna go outside he don't answer. I wanna talk to whatever dog told somebody they see humans as upright walking animals cause I need some other answers.
      Anyway...I know my baby loves me!

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