Zimmerman pulled over in traffic stop

This isn’t an old post. Wannabe cop and child killer George Zimmerman was pulled over in a traffic stop in Orlando, Florida last month. It was the third time Zimmerman has been pulled over for speeding since his acquittal for 2nd degree murder in July.

From The Atlanta Journal-Consitution:

Squad car video broadcast Thursday by Orlando television station WOFL shows Zimmerman being pulled over last month by a state trooper along Interstate 95 in Florida’s Space Coast.

The trooper tells Zimmerman he was pulled over because the tag cover and windows on his car were too darkly tinted.
Zimmerman was let off with a warning.

Zimmerman was acquitted in July of any crime for fatally shooting the Miami teen. His acquittal led to protests nationwide.
Since the trial, Zimmerman has been pulled over twice for speeding.

He was given a warning in Texas and issued a ticket in an Orlando suburb.