Secret Document Reveals How Reality Shows Are Faked

Gossip website Radar Online has uncovered a secret document that provides indisputable proof that reality TV shows are faked.

The website obtained an original unsigned Real Housewives of New Jersey contract that spells out, in no uncertain terms, how the reality TV producers are given sweeping rights to edit, delete, dub and FICTIONALIZE the show’s storylines.

The contract also frees the producers of liability in the event of injury, defamation or the dissemination of “personal, private, surprising, disparaging and embarrassing” details of their lives — even if those details are not true.

From National Enquirer:

Staggeringly, the UNPAID reality show hopefuls agree — via an “appearance release form” — to allow the scenes they participate in to be spun into any story line of the producer’s choosing!

“The rights granted herein shall also include the right to edit, delete, dub and FICTIONALIZE the Footage and Materials, the Program and the Advertisements as Producer sees fit in Producer’s sole discretion,” the opening clause in the contract reads.

What’s more, the document reveals how participants agree, from a legal standpoint, that it’s not the fault of the production company if they’re injured, defamed or have “personal, private, surprising, disparaging and embarrassing” details of their life broadcast — even if those humiliating and “unfavorable” details are NOT true!

The document was authored by Sirens Project 1224, LLC., the Delaware-based production company behind The Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise. It exposes how reality television is REALLY made and proves what critics of reality television have often argued —storylines are fake and don’t reflect what truly happened during filming.

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