Nene Leakes is broke

Over the weekend, I heard from an insider who told me Real Housewives of Atlanta alumni Nene Leakes is broke again after spending money like water all over town. According to the source, Nene spent over $200K on pricey Rolex watches and diamond jewelry for herself and her on-again, off-again husband, Greg Leakes. She also went on a shopping spree in Atlanta, buying expensive trinkets for herself to wear on the show.

But when it comes to paying her taxes, Nene comes up short.

According to Hip Hop Daily Press, Nene owes $25,000 in back taxes for property she owned in Sacramento, Calif. No wonder Nene begged for her old job back on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    Lennethia M. Leakes
    Address: (address removed)
    Filing County: Sacramento, CA
    Lien Issuing Agency: FRANCHISE TAX BOARD
    Total Lien Amount: $25,212
    Deed Category Type: Placement
    Damar Document Type: State Tax Lien
    Recording Book Number: 0717
    Recording Page Number: 1352
    Recording Date: 07/17/2013
    Tax Lien Date: 07/17/2013
    Tax Lien Serial Lien Certificate Number: 13197617802
    Kind Of Tax: FRANCHISE TAX
    Tax Period Minimum: 12/31/2009
    Tax Period Maximum: 12/31/2011