Tae Heckard lesbian

Thanks to loyal reader @JaeTips for tweeting photo evidence of rapper Nelly’s arm candy, Tae Heckard, tongue wrestling with a stud lesbian.

As I told you previously, Heckard once dated stud lesbians exclusively. She denies being a lipstick lesbian now that gullible rapper Nelly is paying all her bills.

She also scrubbed the Internet of all the homoerotic photos she once posted on her Myspace page. But apparently she missed one.

Tae Heckard

Heckard gained fame after appearing in numerous rap music videos before BET signed her to star as Jazmine in the popular football themed sitcom The Game.

Lesbian groupies like Tae Heckard come a dime a dozen in Atlanta. They will use anyone — male or female — to get what they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tae is keeping a lesbian lover on the side. Tae reportedly prefers battery operated morning wood.

Update: According to a loyal reader Tae is locking lips with Nelly look-a-like Ari The Mack, a former rapper wannabe who has run through many industry lesbians in Atlanta.

Tae Heckard and Ari The Mack

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