B. Scott sues BET Network

Leaked emails published by gossip website TMZ suggests BET Network execs (in particular the males) were uncomfortable with social media personality B. Scott’s feminine appearance. BET hired Scott as a fashion reporter during the 2013 BET Awards last summer. But the discord and disagreements began way before the event, according to B. Scott.

In a post published on his blog on Thursday, Scott said he was “disheartened” by BET’s attempts to tone down his flamboyant personality.

“While I’m disheartened by the blatant and intentional attempt to stifle my gender identity/expression way before the day of the event, I’m also thankful that the truth is starting to surface.”

The leaked emails, which Scott posted on his blog, described in detail how certain BET execs pushed back against the idea of having the feminine male as fashion reporter for the red carpet.

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Scott is a cross dressing gay man who identifies as non-conformist, meaning he will respond to both male and female pronouns

In one email written by BET staff prior to the event, a BET music programming president allegedly wrote: “I don’t want ‘looking like a woman B Scott.’ I want tempered B Scott.” The exec (who I’m assuming is a male) wrote that he met the “tempered” Scott the previous evening. “We hung out for a bit last night. That’s the guy I want on the air,” the exec wrote in an email.

One worried BET exec was concerned over how (traditionally macho black) male celebrities would respond to Scott holding the mic. “It may be difficult to get men to speak to him. I had that issue with Miss Lawrence backstage at Rip The Runway, she wrote, referring to the barrel chested Real Housewives of Atlanta star who wears heels and purses.

“Luckily fashion is mostly centered around females. Is that sexist?” she quipped.

After the event, Scott wrote a scathing post on his blog accusing BET of “forcing” him to change his attire to a more masculine outfit.

In a series of emails sent after the show, one BET exec noted that Scott arrived over an hour late for the gig, and that he was inebriated when he did show up. After Scott was told to change into more appropriate attire, an unnamed exec wrote that Scott threatened to “blow this shit up and call GLAAD” if he didn’t get his way.

Scott has filed a discrimination lawsuit against BET on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

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