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Cases of Monkeypox have exploded due to close contact among men who have sex with men (MSM) in gay bathhouses.

Men who have sex with men comprise the vast majority of monkeypox cases in this unprecedented outbreak, NBC News reports.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recorded 6,924 confirmed monkeypox cases in the global outbreak, the majority have occurred among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, the CDC reports.

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Skin-to-skin contact during sex is likely the primary driver of the virus's global spread thus far.

Bathhouses and gay sex clubs are breeding grounds for the virus, experts say.

NBC News spoke with 18 gay men who contracted monkeypox after having sex in sex clubs in New York and Europe.

The men described signs and symptoms including skin lesions, headaches, and debilitating pain.

"The thought of a full three-week quarantine is pretty scary," said John, 32, from New York City. He believes he contracted monkeypox after he hooked up with a man during Los Angeles's Pride events. "I'm just feeling disappointed and bummed out. It was a bummer to miss celebrating Pride" in New York.

"I feel like this is something that's about to hit pretty hard," John said. "It's on us to look after our own."

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Azealia Banks tossed her mic and stormed off the stage at Miami's Wynwood Pride Music Festival early Saturday.

Later the singer/actress took to social media to complain about organizers using dry ice to create fog. Banks stated her artist rider specifically prohibits dry ice because she's allergic to it.

Banks cut her set short after showing up two hours late. She performed a few songs, before complaining about being there. "I'm really not happy to be here" and "I really don't wanna f--king be here."
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The organizers cut off her mic as she directed her complaints toward them. Banks tossed her mic into the crowd when the audience started booing and cussing at her.

She turned and gave her fans two middle fingers - which only made them madder. One person threw a drink at her as she departed, and the crowd roared their approval.

In a series of tweets afterwards, Banks complained that organizers failed to comply with her request not to use dry ice to create billowing clouds of fog onstage.

"Wynwood Pride was way too ghetto. I had to bounce. Every tech rider in Azealia Banks' history of live performance specifically states – no dry ice as I am EXTREMELY allergic to it. Photos will show massive clouds of dry ice which began to make me lightheaded to a point I could barely stand."

She added:

"I literally have a text message from the promoter assuring me that there would be no dry ice implemented in my performance – yet, Still came on stage to clouds of dry ice. I've performed Coachella twice and had that simple request honored."

Banks also claimed she was originally scheduled to hit the stage at 10 p.m., which was her excuse for showing up at 3 a.m., according to TMZ.

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Five Tampa Rays baseball players are catching heat for refusing to wear LGBT+ logos on their uniforms to celebrate Gay Pride Month.

The Tampa Bay Rays wore rainbow logos on their uniform sleeves and ball caps during the MLB's annual "Pride Night" celebration at Tropicana Field for Pride Month.

However, five Rays players chose to remove the rainbow logos from their uniforms before taking the field on Sunday.

The five baseball players are Jason Adam, Jalen Beeks, Brooks Raley, Jeffrey Springs and Ryan Thompson.

Jason Adam was chosen to speak for the five players. He told the Tampa BayTimes that the decision to remove the logos was "faith-based".

"A lot of it comes down to faith, to like a faith-based decision," he said.

Adam said the Pride logo represented a "lifestyle" that conflicted with their religion, but gays are always welcome at Tropicana Field.

"So it's a hard decision. Because ultimately we all said what we want is them to know that all are welcome and loved here," Adam said.

"I think a lot of guys decided that it's just a lifestyle that maybe — not that they look down on anybody or think differently — it's just that maybe we don't want to encourage it if we believe in Jesus," he said.

But Tampa Pride president Carrie West blasted the five players who removed the Pride logo from their uniforms. West said they were "hiding behind their religion" and had "shamed" the club's efforts to support the LGBT+ community.

"The fact that Tampa Bay Rays have a Pride Night is because they have a very high LGBTAQ fan base," West said in a statement to The Independent on Monday. "The Tropicana Field is right in the heart of the St Petersburg Gay Community with gay bars, businesses, restaurants, and retail all around the stadium."

"It just so happens that the LGBTAQ community is a very large fan base in following your franchise and we are honored and celebrate this one night during PRIDE Month," West said.

"To not say Thank You and get snubbed from the five players for Your Support and getting the $$$ for top salary dollars is truly a SHAME to be reckoned with! DO NOT HIDE BEHIND RELIGION! YOU HAVE ALREADY SHOWN YOUR COLORS."

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Ray J is showing his full support to the gay community during Gay Pride Month.

The "One Wish" singer/actor says straight men should show more love for their gay brothers, particularly during Gay Pride Month.

In a video on his Instagram Stories, Ray J said, "It's Gay Pride Month. Shout out to all my gay ni**as. Shout out to everybody in the LGBT community. I told my ni**as that it need to be more straight ni**as giving love to the gay ni**as... I got a lot of gay friends and I got a lot of real ni**as that's gay and we make a lot of money together, but it ain't just about the money."

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Ray J's message was well received on Twitter.

Ray J is best known for his adult video with Kim Kardashian that launched both of their careers.

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5 people were shot outside the Marquette Lounge in west Atlanta on Labor Day.

The Marquette Lounge is a popular ghey bar that hosted a Black ghey Pride party on Monday, Sept. 6.

The gunshots sent Black Pride attendees scattering into the neighborhood around Proctor Street and Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard, according to Channel 2 Action News.

Some of the victims were transported to area hospitals in ambulances and in private vehicles.

The Black Pride party was scheduled to end at 6 a.m. and Rapper Lil Kim performed earlier in the night. She was not among the injured..

According to WSB's Kristin Holloway, a fight occurred outside the lounge and a man fired a shot into the air and then into the crowd.

Atlanta police are investigating whether the drive-by was a hate crime.

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Madonna surprised her LGBT+ fans with a live performance on top of a bar at the Boom Boom Room to kick off New York City's Pride weekend on Thursday.

Fans were stunned by Madonna's youthful appearance. She looked 10 years younger than her 62 years. Her wrinkle-free skin glowed under the hot club lights

The mom-of-6 wore a sheer see-through top and black leather shorts with a vintage Jean Paul Gautier corset for her live performance (watch the video below).

To complete her outfit, the pop icon wore a blue wig and long pink fingerless gloves.

Madonna, a vocal anti-Trumper, wore a bondage-inspired harness with the words "Not My President" in sequins on the back.

She was once investigated by the Secret Service for threatening to blow up the White House with then-President Donald Trump inside.

Madonna announced her Pride weekend performance on Instagram earlier in the day.

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Rapper Benzino's daughter, aspiring rapper Coi Leray (left) came out as a lesbian on Instagram in time to join Gay Pride Month festivities.

Coi came out with her lover, rapper Pressa, in a video she shared on her Instagram Story.

Coi Leray is best known for an embarrassing viral video that showed a crowd in stunned silence as they watched her perform at the Toyota Center in Houston on Saturday, May 29.

Nicki Minaj and other rappers showed support for the 24-year-old rapper who was devastated when the video went viral.

The comments were brutal, with many social media users suggesting Coi should find another line of work.

Coi tweeted:

"The love use to outweigh the hate but now the hate outweigh the love and it's slowing destroying me. Y'all haters are in my life for a reason, we gon have to just deal with each other. In with whatever smoke."

Nicki came to the young lady's defense, writing:

"Don't do that. Chin up. Always remember this, when black ppl not fkn w|you #TheyWillBoo. Those ppl were on their feet. That means they may not have known the song, but they were interested in getting to know more— so they were observing u. Charge it to the game & move on."

The grateful rapper responded:

"Thank you so much for this. This means everything and more to me. Wow. I'm speechless. You just gave me so much more hope. Thank you again."


Kandi Burruss celebrated the first day of Gay Pride month by donning a rainbow outfit complete with rainbow sandals, red extensions, and a rainbow parasol.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who confessed to having sexual preferences for both women and men, shared photos of her colorful getup on Instagram on Tuesday, June 1.

The 45-year-old mother-of-three captioned the photos: "Live your life to the fullest! #HappyPrideMonth."

In 2017, Kandi opened up about being bisexual:

"I've said on Housewives before, I have said on Kandi Koated Nights before, yes I've had a girl experience. It's not a secret, but I'm very happily married with my husband and I am not a lesbian waiting to come out of the closet."

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In a RHOA episode during season 8, Kandi became agitated when castmate Porsha Williams suggested she was a closeted lesbian.

"She was mad about something else that she thought I said on the show," Kandi said.

"So I guess she shaded me about that and her shade was saying that I was quote unquote 'lesbian waiting to come out of the closet.' Now when I found out she said this, of course, I was looking at her like, 'Oh no you didn't say that!' You know, 'cause I'm like, 'Girl, you like to hookup with girls, so why would you say that as if that were shade?'"

Kandi also denied reports that she is a dominatrix who keeps a well-stocked sex dungeon in her Cascade area mansion.

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Right-wing conservative Chadwick Moore angered Black Twitter when he denounced Juneteenth as a holiday in America.

Moore, who is homosexual, tweeted on June 20, "I'm sorry, blacks, but you already have a month. Juneteenth isn't a thing. Don't colonize our month as well. thanks. Signed, the gays."

Moore managed to trigger Black people, liberals, and even other gays -- all of whom tried to "cancel" him. Unfortunately, their efforts fell flat because Moore himself is in the protected category.

Moore also refused to capitalize the 'B' in reference to Black people, writing: "Firstly, black is not with a capital 'B.' That's a recent, weird leftist media style guide thing."

Moore spent the rest of the evening taunting those who tried to cancel him:

"I'm living proof you can beat the mob. I've done it three times now. Why aren't more people like me?"

Moore is a 36-year-old journalist, public speaker, political commentator, and a regular guest on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News. He was a lifelong liberal until he came out as a conservative in 2016.

President Trump Melania Trump Nikos Giannopoulos
LGBT advocates are celebrating a gay teacher's meeting with President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in the Oval Office in April.

Rhode Island teacher of the year Nikos Giannopoulos posted a photo of their meeting on his Facebook page on Thursday. The photo garnered over 15,000 'likes' and shares by Friday.

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