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A single mom is going viral for saying she hopes her infant son grows up to be gay.

In a video celebrating the start of Pride Month, the mom sings, “Gay baby. It’s a gay baby. Gay, gay, gay!” She then adds, “Please be gay.”

“Be what you wanna be but please be gay. No pressure. No pressure,” she added.

The infant is dressed in a onesie with a rainbow Pride flag on the front.

The video was posted by Instagram blogger @westcoastkam, who claims this “behavior is becoming more common” among Black mothers. “Where’s the father?” he asked in the video caption.

The blogger doesn’t explain why more women want their sons to be gay. However, commenters say Black moms want their sons to be less prone to violence and being gay is a way to combat toxic masculinity in the Black community.

One commenter on a manosphere message board wrote: “She going to be putting him in sundresses and makeup, he don’t stand a chance. destined for d–k.”

A rare female commenter on the manosphere board wrote: “Projecting sexuality on babies is disgusting and she should be ashamed.”

Others say being gay is socially accepted now and Black gay men are sought after by employers in the corporate and private sectors.

Question: Do you secretly want your sons to be gay?

Watch the video below.