Shakira and Rihanna

A Colombian Councilman has denounced Colombia’s national treasure Shakira for helping Bajan singer Rihanna to — in his words — “promote lesbianism” in Shakira’s new music video.

Marco Fidel Ramirez, a conservative Christian politician from Bogota, tweeted that Shakira’s music video for “Can’t Remember to Forget You” was “simply disgusting” and an “unabashed glorification of lesbianism.”

In the music video, Shakira and Rihanna wear skimpy bathing suits and caress each other passionately.

According to a Huffington Post translation, a message on his website reads:

The family councilman, Marco Fidel Ramírez, categorically rejects the content of Shakira’s latest video because it hurts the moral character of Bogota, Colombia and Latin America’s youth.

Ramírez is vindicated as the defender of principles and values and profoundly laments that the talented Colombian singer has allowed herself to be part of the moral decomposition by participating in a “simply disgusting” video with Rihana [sic] another renowned musical artist.

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