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Kandie Burruss bridal shower

Earlier today, former Xscape singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris Instagram'd this photo from Kandi Burruss' bridal shower today. Other reality TV stars attending the event are Tiny's stylist Shekinah Jo, Phaedra Parks (RHOA) and Rasheeda Frost (Love & hip Hop Atlanta). Kandi and Tiny have been longtime friends since before they performed together in Xscape. It looks like Kandi is going through with the TV wedding despite rumors that her fiancé Todd Tucker has stepped out on her.

  • GWU

    I think we need to end this butt augmentation trend. It's not cute. Not at all.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ GWU: I agree. The whole butt, hair weave, breast implant trend is a complete turn off. :no:

  • Hershey

    Guess Shekinah has been eating her ass off since that bikini pic,cause she looks bloated as hell :coffee: Phaedra looks pretty, and what rumor about Todd leaving Kandi? :pc: let me go see

  • LaceJagger

    Love rasheeda and kandi's look... I though shekinah lost weight...

  • Sandra Rose

    Hershey says:

    and what rumor about Todd leaving Kandi?

    "Stepping out on" is the old skool way of saying he cheatin' :coffee:

  • Sandra Rose

    LaceJagger says:

    I though shekinah lost weight…

    Shekinah is only 5 feet tall. So a little weight looks like a lot on her.

  • hell_on_heels

    Kandi looks CUTE!!! Mrs. Parks, though I love her...she always looks a bit "dated". Thanks for the weekend post, Auntie!

  • 69

    What is refreshing about this photo and Atlanta in general is the fact that there are so many well to do black people here. I know this might sound a little biased but it DOES make me happy so see wealthy and successful blacks. That's is why I'm so for this city and the foundation and connections that this city can offer. No matter where I end up, Atlanta is where it's at, for us. :yes:

  • 69

    I just wish we could learn to leave that ratchet side alone and refine ourselves more. But then, who wants to be proper all the time? :kona:

  • ShoYaRight

    #Lola Monroe, #Tiny, #Blac Chyna

  • Sandra Rose

    You're welcome @ hell_on_heels :)

  • JerseyGirl68

    Where's Carmen and Mama Joyce?

  • JerseyGirl68

    Where are Carmen and Mama Joyce?

  • Ms. YaYa

    A man can only take so much and don't nobody have time for Mamma Joyce's shenanigans. Kandi needs to put her foot down before she ends up by herself

  • Ms. YaYa

    Oh Phaedra and Kandi looks nice in this picture

  • sassyshe

    Has ms toya wright been put out of the circle?

  • Sandra Rose

    Ms. YaYa says: A man can only take so much and don’t nobody have time for Mamma Joyce’s shenanigans.

    You do know that's part of the script, right?

  • OutsidetheBox

    Aww why you say TV wedding :confused: I sure want Kandi to be happy.. Great shoes. Is that sheer mesh on that dress *sucks teeth*

    Tiny is so tiny even that booty even tho its umm art, its still tiny :lolsign:

    Phae has like no style! That peep toe style is so dead right now! Like read a magazine or something. :no: Catos Bealls Stein Mart ass dress! bol BUT she IS always beat face hunnyyyyy.

    ok bye! Go Gators :woohoo:

  • capricorn83

    Everyone looks nice, except Shekinah. Was she working the shower?? And Tiny's butt looks ridiculous atop chicken legs.

    Carmon and Mama Joyce (and the aunts) were there and it doesn't appear to have been any fights.

    @sassy... Toya was on some women's panel in N.O. today but her and Kandi were together recently so I think they are good

    I'm happy for Kandi and hope her wedding goes off without a hitch. Todd seems to be a good guy

  • Hershey

    Ion think Todd is creeping, Kandinsky strikes me as the keep him close type :coffee:

  • lovebites

    yeah Todd would be stupid to step out but most men are stupid.

  • huxy

    Phaedra always seems to be hiding so much pain, regret, and uncertainty behind her smile. Money and/or status does not make you happy. At least they look nice.

  • MrsL

    Umm is that white/ivory I see on Rashida's outfit at a Bridal Shower?

  • Nhere

    Sandra Rose says:

    Ms. YaYa says: A man can only take so much and don’t nobody have time for Mamma Joyce’s shenanigans.
    You do know that’s part of the script, right?
    When I saw previews for the play, I says, oh how convenient. When I saw Kandi Burress and Todd Tucker top billed as the producers, I says, he's not too bothered, he gets an advance payment for suffrages. Brotha said, don't cry for me. :coffee:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Shakinah need to push away from the table cause she past a biscuit too much :nono:

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  • JerseyGirl68

    They are all midgets. ZZZZZZZZ!!!