Oscar Pistorius teenage girlfriend

British tabloid The Sun revealed the teenage lover of Oscar Pistorius, who is on trial for murdering his previous girlfriend.

Leah Sky Malan, 19, was spotted leaving a hair salon in her hometown of Potchefstroom, the NY Post reports.

Pistorius and Malan met in Mozambique last December while she was vacationing with her family, the NY Post explained. She’s studying to become a paramedic.

The South African double amputee Olympic star is on trial for shooting his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Feb. 14, last year. Pistorius, 27, claimed he shot Steenkamp four times through a locked bathroom door because he thought she was an intruder.

A next-door neighbor testified that she heard a woman’s “blood curdling screams” coming from the vicinity of Pistorius’ home that morning

Michelle Burger testified she was awakened in the early morning hours of Feb. 14 by a woman and a man screaming for help.

“Just after 3, I woke up from a woman’s terrible screams,” she said. “Something terrible was happening at that house. Her shouts, her screams were petrifying,” said Burger.

She testified she heard the woman’s screams again, followed by four gunshots. “Bang… bang, bang, bang.”

Burger said her husband called their private guard service. She later told her husband that she feared the woman had witnessed her husband being shot “because after he screamed, we didn’t hear him.”

She said she was shocked when she heard Pistorius claimed he thought he shot an intruder.

“Because that did not rhyme with what we heard,” she said. “I heard the fear in that woman’s voice. It was the fear of someone whose life is in danger”

Prosecutors said Pistorius took the time to put on his prosthetic legs before shooting Steenkamp, who was found dead inside the water closet. He body was clad in a black top and white shorts — an outfit that conflicts with statements Pistorius made to police. Pistorius had said that he and Steenkamp were in bed asleep when he thought he heard an intruder breaking in.

Pistorius’ fate rests in the hands of a female judge. South Africa abolished jury trials in 1969. He faces life in prison if found guilty on all charges. The trial is expected to take 3 weeks.

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