Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Reunion Part 2 aired last night on Bravo TV. The Reunion 2 episode lacked the cat fighting, wig pulling and floor dragging that viewers have come to expect from these birds.

Each season a different character is chosen to cut the fool on camera. This season was Kandi‘s mom’s turn. If you expect Mama Joyce to repeat her award winning performance next season, you’re just not paying attention to how these reality shows work.

For those of us who didn’t waste any brain cells watching Parts 1 or 2, the AJC’s Rodney Ho has a recap.

From AJC’s Radio & TV Talk:

In the immediate fallout of the fight, Porsha was done for the day, and host Andy Cohen said the network does not condone violence. Kenya, of course, defended her own actions and showed not a scintilla of regret.

None of the other women promoted Porsha pulling Kenya’s hair like that. Cynthia Bailey didn’t feel Porsha was “under attack,” as Cohen said. But NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks felt Kenya provoked her with her bullhorn and her scepter.

Kenya said she was just having fun with her props. “It is a violation to point anything in my face,” NeNe said.

Kenya doesn’t think the props were what caused Porsha’s breakdown. Rather, she said Porsha has other problems. In Antigua, when she argued with Porsha, she didn’t get physical but “twirled away.” She said she has come a long way from her days in Detroit and proclaimed an anti-violence message.


Porsha Williams Gets Carried Out of the Reunion Last Week

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