'The Other Woman' Tops Box Office With $24.7M

20th Century Fox’s ‘The Other Woman’ edged out ‘Captain America’ to top the box office this weekend. The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and rapper Nicki Minaj, took in $24.7 million from a mostly female audience.

In The Other Woman, three women find out they are being cheated on by the same man, and join forces to get payback. It is a plot that many women can identify with (what man doesn’t cheat?)

From Box Office Mojo:

The movie’s success isn’t rocket science: women make up 50 percent of moviegoers, and are willing to pay money to see stories and characters they can relate to. Fox tapped in to this with a strong marketing effort that effectively sold the revenge story—three women team up to take down their cheating lover—while also emphasizing the fun camaraderie between the three leads. In the final run up to release, there was messaging around “girls’ night out,” which likely helped increase the overall haul.

As expected, The Other Woman’s audience was overwhelmingly female (75 percent). It also skewed older (65 percent over 25 years of age). With a “B+” CinemaScore, poor reviews and tough competition from Neighbors in two weeks, it’s unclear exactly how well this will hold. Still, it should end up between $60 and $70 million, which will make this a solid win.

Photo by Barry Wetcher – © 2014 – Twentieth Century Fox