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Nicki Minaj has been ordered to pay a German man $500,000 after her husband Kenny Petty sucker punched the man.

Thomas Weidenmuller sued the couple 2 years ago after Kenny broke his jaw during a concert in Germany.

According to TMZ, the incident happened after a fan was allowed to run on stage during Nicki’s performance.

Weidenmuller claimed Nicki berated one of his security guards who allowed the fan on stage. He says he went to Nicki to address the incident, at which point Nicki threw a shoe at him. He says he dodged the shoe — but Kenny was waiting in the wings.

Weidenmuller claimed Kenny sucker punched him in the face and broke his jaw. He alleged he had 8 different surgeries to fix the damage. He sued in 2022 for $753,000 for his medical bills and pain and suffering.

The judge entered a default judgment against the rapper and her husband on Friday in L.A. County Superior Court after they failed to respond to the lawsuit.

The judge ordered Nicki to pay Weidenmuller $503,318.02, since Kenny is unemployed.

Celebrities sometimes ignore a lawsuit if a judgment against them will be less than their attorney’s fees.

Nicki has not responded to a blogger’s email for a comment.