Shantel Jackson and Nelly

…that she is not messing around with a married man.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather‘s ex-concubine Shantel Jackson created quite a buzz on social media when she posted a photo of herself posing alongside NBA legend and team owner Michael Jordan. Jackson’s followers immediately surmised — rather crudely — that Jordan’s right hand was palming her rather ample buttocks. In his left hand he clutched a wad of cash. The implications of the photo were provocative and buzz-worthy. As you know, rappers and professional athletes routinely pass the same women around amongst them.

The photo is wholly inappropriate as Mr. Jordan is a married man whose wife, Yvette Prieto, recently welcomed twin girls.

Shantel Jackson and Michael Jordan

In case anyone tried to compare her situation to that of Donald Sterling‘s soon-to-broke mistress, Vanessa Stiviano, Miss Jackson deleted the photo and quickly put up a photo of herself with her latest ATM machine, boyfriend rapper Nelly.

As you know, Stiviano rocked the NBA when she (allegedly) leaked audio of her former benefactor, Sterling, telling her not to bring NBA legend Magic Johnson to his games. Stiviano made the mistake of posing for a photo with Magic and posting the evidence on her Instagram page.

Earlier in the week Shantel Instagram’d an image of a broom and dustpan sweeping up the Charlotte Bobcats logo. Jordan is majority owner of the Bobcats, who were eliminated in the 1st round of the 2014 NBA playoffs by the Miami HEAT.

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