TI and Floyd

Early this morning I awoke to my phone ringing off the hook. It was one of my well-connected sources informing me that rap mogul T.I. Harris and soon-to-be washed up boxer Floyd Mayweather were arguing over T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. I noted all the details of the argument, then went back to sleep.

A real man arguing with another man over his wife’s honor is not news.

Thanks to the Internet, a verbal disagreement between two men turned into a “fight” with T.I. landing a blow on Floyd’s jaw.

Tiny and YaYa

Here’s what I know so far: Tameka and her bestie/stylist Shekinah Jo were in Las Vegas to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend and to attend the birthday celebration of Mayweather’s 14-year-old daughter Iyanna, aka Money YaYa. T.I., aka “Tip” to his family and friends, was on the west coast filming a movie with comedians Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell.

Tip pays the salary of Tiny’s bodyguard, so naturally his status report is going to include such minor details as whose VIP section Tiny was hanging out in last night. By pure coincidence, T.I. and his hard legs bumped into Mayweather, who was dining with his entourage at a Fatburger on the Vegas strip. T.I. approached Maywweather — like the gentleman that he is — and he reminded the boxer that Tiny is still very much a married woman. The two men spoke cordially, but then Floyd said something disrespectful to T.I.

What followed was a chair throwing brawl that quickly cleared the late night eatery. As Mayweather exited the club he was heard saying, “You need to control your b*tch!”

T.I. and his boys left the eatery before the Las Vegas police arrived on the scene.

Depending on what rumors you choose to believe: T.I. is either shacking up with a groupie whom he impregnated, and Tiny is allegedly dating a street pharmaceuticals distributor whose client list includes a rapper whose R&B girlfriend recently gave birth. But regardless of what you heard, T.I. and Tiny are still very much a married couple. And the Love they have for each other will never fade.