American doctor sick with Ebola

An American doctor is sick with the deadly Ebola virus which has killed 670 people so far in Africa. Two American aid workers also fell ill with the disease. One died.

According to published reports, the National Guard and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta are quietly preparing for an Ebola outbreak in America.

According to, the Department of Defense has supplied biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams across the U.S.

In the event of an Ebola outbreak, even healthy Americans who show no symptoms will be forcibly quarantined, according to the official CDC website.

Kent Brantly, 33, was treating Ebola patients in West Africa when he became ill with the disease himself. “He is not doing well,” Dr. David McRay told AFP in a phone call. He said Dr. Brantly requested that he not reveal details of his symptoms, “but he is weak and quite ill.”

The Ebola outbreak, which started in March, has infected over 1,200 people across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Dr. Brantly was infected while treating patients in Liberia.

He said he isn’t sure how he became infected with Ebola. Brantly said he took strict precautions and followed safety guidelines by wearing a protective suit that covered every inch of his body.

Ebola is spread through direct contact with blood and stool from an infected person.

Dr. Brantly is still in Liberia where he is being treated. “There are organizations that will not transport Ebola patients… because of the fear of transporting an Ebola patient,” said Melissa Strickland, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Brantly’s wife and two children, who traveled with him to Liberia to work with a Christian aid group, have returned to the United States. They are under quarantine.

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