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NBA star Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union, who suffered the ultimate humiliation when she learned Wade cheated on her, are planning an ultra private wedding. Union, 44, is asking guests not to bring cell phones or cameras to the super secret wedding. According to published reports, Union and Wade don’t want guests sharing photos from the nuptials on social networks.

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From WebProNews:

Aside from the no cameras rule, Gabrielle claims that she is pretty laidback about the wedding planning and has even let Dwayne do most of the planning.

“I am the girl that would just rather be at a sports bar with a cold beer… We are pretty deep (into the wedding planning), and by ‘we,’ I mean he and the wedding planner. Once he realized I was trying to turn it into a frat party with beer pong he would take over. He really ‘Kanye-d’ himself and really doubled down – I’m really just along for the ride,” she said.

As far as the wedding guest list goes, Gabrielle and Dwayne decided to only invite their family members and close friends. Don’t expect to see a long line of celebrities waiting to get into the secret wedding venue in Miami.

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