George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman is back in the news. DeLand, Florida police officers doing routine patrol spotted the former neighborhood watchman sitting in his car behind a gun shop at midnight on Sunday.

The gun shop, Pompano Pat’s, is owned by Pat Johnson, who happens to be running for Mayor of Deland. Johnson offered a free gun to Zimmerman after he was acquitted of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last summer.

Zimmerman, who has some type of Hero Complex, told the officers that the shop had been burglarized and he was simply helping a friend out.

“Zimmerman informed me that he was sitting behind the business with the permission of the owner,” one officer noted in his report.

The officer asked Zimmerman if Pat had hired him as security for the shop. “No, no,” Zimmerman responded.

When contacted by WKMG Local 6 News, Johnson said Zimmerman is not an employee of his shop. He explained that thieves stole $5,000 worth of riles and 2 mini bikes in recent burglaries.

Johnson also reiterated that Zimmerman was not his employee in a statement to CNN:

“George Zimmerman is not an employee of our store and in no way shape or form is he being paid,” Johnson stated.

Johnson added that Zimmerman, who is homeless, was guarding the shop voluntarily.

Earlier this year, Zimmerman signed autographs at a gun show to earn enough cash to make ends meet.

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