Moving trucks spotted outside LeBron home

The rumors are true: Miami Heat superstar LeBron James is taking his talents back home to Akron, Ohio.

Several moving trucks were spotted outside King Jame’s contemporary home in Miami. LeBron will announce his decision today to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers who drafted him with the #1 pick in 2003. The “Decision Pt. 2” will be announced on his personal website,

Lebrons sons

In addition to loading up the moving trucks, LeBron’s red Ferrari was seen on the back of a flatbed truck.

A reader on wrote in the comments section: “..he moves his cars every summer…but NOT all his cars. 7 of the 8 cars in Florida, including 2 that have never left Florida have been shipped back north. Its happening…”

LeBron’s 2 sons, Bryce and Bronny, were spotted at the airport heading to Cleveland on Wednesday.

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